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Tire World is the best tire retailer in Toronto.

A fresh set of tires can make your vehicle handle like new. Whether you need to replace your aging tires or are looking for a great set of winter ones for the season, Tire World has the selection and pricing to get you on the road for less. Worn out tires are not safe to drive on, so stop by Tire World and find a great deal from the best shop in Toronto.

Tire World has worked for years to provide low cost, high quality tires for their customers. Their inventory consists of both new and quality used tires, and there are thousands to choose from. If you are looking for new rims, take a look at the selection available and you are sure to find the perfect set. You can also get your tires rotated or balanced in no time. Tire repairs can also be handled by the experts at Tire World, which will save you money. The staff is dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers, and this fact combined with great prices and an extensive inventory have won Tire World the Consumer Choice Award for best tire retailer in Toronto.

The Consumer Choice Awards work each year to learn the perceptions, expectations and opinions of thousands of consumers and businesses. It is a unique award, as winners are chosen using market research that is statistically accurate. The awards began in 1987 and have since been cultivated to the highest degree, using third party research firms to learn the most outstanding companies in a multitude of different categories, like best tire retailer in Toronto. Canadian-owned Leger Marketing is the leading independent research firm, and today handles all consumer and business surveys for the awards. Leger Marketing is also a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

The awards are able to properly represent the opinions of each market by being devoid of any extreme bias. It is their goal to honor only the best businesses in each community, like the best tire retailer in Toronto, and so they avoid third party influences from advocate groups and industry insiders. The research firm is in charge of all the results and each person is allowed to vote only once, which also helps to ensure accuracy.

This one of a kind research follows an exacting criteria when surveying participants to learn the preferred businesses in each town such as the best tire retailer in Toronto. Businesses that are most mentioned are put to a majority vote that decided the victors, just as Tire World won for best tire retailer in Toronto. There is ceaseless competition each year among local shops to be named the next recipient, which makes taking home an award that much more difficult. By putting the focus of companies on customer service, the award is an agent of change for increased business and satisfaction. Giving consumers a platform to speak their mind and to reward hard working companies makes the award of great service to each community. For their continued efforts, Tire World has been given the Consumer Choice Award for best tire retailer in Toronto.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for promoting business excellence, and thank you Tire World for being the best tire retailer in Toronto. To speak to a courteous service representative, call (905) 458-0749.


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