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Spa Ahava is the best spa in Saskatoon.

When you need to relax, there is nothing that can compare to a trip to the spa. Whether you are looking for a simple manicure or pedicure, or would like to spend the day being pampered with an herbal bath, facial, body wrap and massage, try Spa Ahava and see why they have been named the best spa in Saskatoon.

Spa Ahava has worked hard over the years to offer their clients an unforgettable spa experience on every visit. Their well equipped facilities are comfortable, inviting and immaculately maintained. Spa Ahava employs only skilled professionals that are sensitive to your unique preferences, and they do everything possible to make your spa outing amazing. There are a variety of spa packages available that combine treatments to give you the ultimate results, all at an affordable price. For their unequaled level of customer satisfaction and value, Spa Ahava is the Consumer Choice Award winner for best spa in Saskatoon.

The Consumer Choice Awards contact thousands of consumers and businesses yearly to learn their opinions, expectations and perceptions. Established in 1987, it is the only award to reward business excellence by using statistically accurate market research. Over the years the process has been made perfect using third party research firms to determine which businesses are favored by each community in categories like best spa in Saskatoon. Leger Marketing now handles all public surveying for the awards. They are Canadian-owned, a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers and the leading independent research firm today.

The award succeeds in being a true reflection of marketplace opinion by steering clear of any extreme bias that would otherwise taint results. The influences of third parties such as advocate groups and industry insiders is also avoided, as the Consumer Choice Awards strive to only spotlight deserving companies that are an accurate depiction of their market. Other quality controls include only allowing a single vote per person, and leaving all survey results in the hands of the research firm alone.

To find the best local businesses in each category, the survey is carried out following a specific criteria that allows participants to voice their opinions. The most mentioned businesses in each category are put to a majority vote to determine the winners, as a result Spa Ahava has been named the best spa in Saskatoon. The intense amount of competition between local shops to be named the next award winner continues throughout the year, and makes the feat of winning no easy task. Businesses notice an increase in business generated by the shift in focus towards customer service caused by the award. Communities benefit from being able to express their observations and opinions while rewarding companies that provide exceptional service. Spa Ahava has been recognized as the premier spa in Saskatoon and rightful winner of the Consumer Choice Award.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for your efforts to reward best business practices, and congratulations Spa Ahava for being named the best spa in Saskatoon. Call to speak with a courteous service representative at (306) 978-8111.


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