Practical Tips in Ensuring Senior Safety

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Senior citizens are more prone to threats of everyday life. Even when they stay at home, you can never be sure whether they will be safe all the time. Hence, it is important that seniors are given more attention and offered emergency response devices to ensure their safety at most times. Read on and find out practical tips to help ensure senior safety.

Senior Safety at Home

While at home, seniors can face risks of falls, trips, and other emergency conditions. Hence, making the home safe for seniors will help in ensuring their safety at home. One thing you must keep in mind is to keep the floors clean at all times. Clutters and rugs must be out of the picture to prevent chances of seniors tripping or falling over. The same is true when speaking of the stairs.

Moreover, it is important to use senior safety devices like handrails in specific areas of the house for maximum safety. For instance, you must install handrails on the stairs, in the shower, and other areas that the senior frequently stays at. Also, make sure that the furniture in the house is arranged properly to offer a wide pathway for the senior’s convenience.

Also, do not forget to get help from emergency response devices to ensure safety of seniors. A handy medical alarm will make sure that the senior can call for help in case something bad happens to him. Also, do not forget to brief the senior in terms of what to do and who to contact in situations like fire, falls, and other health problems.

Getting Help from Emergency Devices

It is indeed great news for seniors and their families that the market offers various emergency devices to help in ensuring the safety of seniors at all times. With devices like a senior cell phone, getting help during emergencies can be as easy as a push of a button.

Just5 Easyphone is one of the senior cell phone options today that can help seniors during emergency situations. Just5 comes with a personal emergency response system that can call for help in a press of the SOS button. This button will activate automatic dialing, which contacts up to five pre-programmed numbers to call for help. It can also power up a loud alarm to call attention of nearby people that someone near badly needs help.

What is even great about the Just5 cell phone is that it promises wide emergency response coverage. Unlike most medical alarms that works within the four walls of the home alone, this senior cell phone works anywhere there is cell phone signal. Meaning, even if the senior happens to be on a trip to the grocery store or a trip to another place, he can use the offers of the phone’s emergency response system to get the much needed help.

Thanks to emergency response devices, guaranteeing the safety of seniors today is almost easy. However, always remember that you do not just rely on these devices for the safety of your loved ones. These devices are here to support you during emergency situations. You still need to make an effort to make the necessary changes in your home and the senior’s routines to ensure his safety most of the time.


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