Transform Struggles of Entrepreneurs Into Successful Life

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Transform Struggles of Entrepreneurs into Successful Life

Tried-and-true tactics to transform your struggle with balance into a successful and fulfilling life!

These are a few points from Wendy Robbins’ book, “Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!”

I find that everyone I coach always has an issue with balance and wants it. So what I do is write out categories and make a pie chart so it’s clear to see where I feel I’m spinning, deficient, open to do more of something else.

Look, when you eat meals you don’t just have one food group over and over, do you? Imagine everyday you just eat eggs – how long would it take to be bored or desiring something else?

Same with your life – expand it, suck the now out of the now, if it makes you happy it’s got to be good. More happiness, ecstacy, extreme joy is what you can experience in every aspect of your life if you decide that is what you value more then what you’ve been doing. Capiche? Comprende? Understand?

These categories are important to me – they may not be to you. In that case, make up your own. Draw a pie chart. Love/Relationships, Fun, Family, Finance, Fitness, Spiritual, and community/charity. Do you have great things going on with these things? Are you out of balance? Are you vibrant and fully satisfied in all these ways? What activities can you do to engage more fully?

I find that if I focus some time on all of these on a daily basis I feel best, relaxed, taken care of, in equipoise. The whole world might still be in chaos around me, but I’ve got my way of being that allows me to just stop, enjoy, breathe, and have it all Now. Because I say so. It’s powerful this mind/heartset.

So just dream. Write down the first things that come to you. Later we’ll get detailed – left brain stuff coming soon. For now, we’re right brained, intuitive, receivers, feminine, childlike – in wonder and enthusiasm… creators.

Here are a few questions or insights into these focuses in your life:

1. CONTRIBUTION – How can you best serve with your heart, mind, money, time and mouth. Are you transforming lives including your own? What is your legacy? What difference will you make to humanity? How do you make a difference on the planet?

2. HEALTH – Here is what I came up for me – what is it for you? I work out at least 30 minutes a day. I do cardio, circuit training, yoga, hike, swim and/or walk daily. I have videos in case it’s difficult to go to the gym – I set myself up to win and take the easy excuses away. I eat organic, often raw, healthy food. I take all my vitamins and minerals in my green, protein shake with the hemp oil. I eat six small meals a day every couple of hours until 6 PM. If I need a snack I have a small apple, or a small bowl of yogurt. I fantasize a lot, watch clouds, dip my toes in the grass, blow bubbles, kayak, swim with whales, dolphins, manatees, whale sharks – this is what I do – what do you do? Yep right now write down what is and what isn’t working. And then go into the future and bring back a clear picture of yourself and the action it took to get there… Write it down and take daily, consistent action using your written goals to guide you. What is and what isn’t working, tweak and commit to your vision to be fit and energetic and flexible!

3. RELATIONSHIP – How do your relationships feel? Family, friends, lover, pets, etc. Are you making enough time to do quality things together, to have profound, life changing talks, to fall deeper in love, to have a healthy reflection mirrored back to you? Do you take time to work on relationships? Often we’ll work harder at our work rather then our intimate relationship and it shows based on results, doesn’t it.. So wassup? Are you afraid to fully love? To be vulnerable? To have healthy sex? Are your core values different? Are you moving apart or together? Are you growing? How intimate are you able to be? How open is your heart? Can you love as though you’ve never been hurt? How available are you to love?

Fish don’t practice swimming – love is our water, and you are a natural swimmer.. are you making love too hard? What do you want in a partner? In a soul mate? What are the characteristics of the person you’re with/or want to attract? Are your kids motivated, excited to learn? Are they acting out? Are they free? Self-expressed? Honest? A reflection of you? Do you like what you see?

There are so many questions that will deepen your relationships and this is part of the rich life you deserve and choose by acting differently today.

4. FAMILY – One word: forgiveness. Get clear with every person in your family. Tell them your feelings; don’t hold anything back or in – the mission is to have a clearing. What do you need from them? What do they need from you? Have you said everything you need to? If someone died would you be complete? “It’s not what you leave your kids, it’s what you leave in them.” – Les Brown, Are your kids able to share what they think would make you a better parent and can you let them know what you’d like too? Does everyone feel loved, listened to, heard, open, interested in each other?

5. FUN – Your focus is to create a fun life. It’s absurd how many of us don’t have fun every day. Or we schedule it. Or we make excuses for why we can’t have it. Hellllooooo! Get with the program – Fun is why you want money. Sure it’s a big Why in the fantasy of it all. So come on, dream of the sensational adventures, travel, weekly massage, toys, great homes, amazing collection of music, books, clothes, personal trainer, chef, classes, dream it and it’s yours! Come up with 100 fun things you want to do in the next 60 days. Do them!

6. SPIRITUAL – Go to the places where divinity is. Re-visit the sacred places within. Practice meditation, yoga, take time for self in silence. Are you spiritual? How does God/Great Spirit play in your life?

1. LEARNING – What are you learning about today? What’s new? What is fascinating? How about learning a new language? Exploring Poetry? Astronomy? Art? Science? Going onto the Internet and finding out about things you’re interested in? Expand daily.

7. GRATITUDE – Appreciation/celebration – Celebrate daily. Especially the little things! The more daily celebrations the better! Parties, wahoos!, merriment, big slices of chocolate cake, water balloon fights, read Winnie the Pooh to yourself while drinking lemonade sitting under a big, favorite tree. There is so much to be grateful for daily.

Make a Gratitude log – every time something good goes on, write it down. This way if things are not going well for an extended period of time and you are feeling like it’s time to give up hope – you can reflect and bask in the warm glow of success and snoopy happiness.

8. MASTERMIND – Create a Mastermind group and check in often so you can share all the things you love and you can have them hold you accountable for being balanced.

9. VOLUNTEER – Volunteer at your favorite Charity.

It’s your life, short – infinite opportunities, Find your purpose, your legacy, your mission, It’s your time to soar!

10. CAREER AND FINANCE – Do what you need so You are an excellent money manager. You Become rich doing what you love. You deserve to be rich. You love the money game. Here’s how you are going to save your money. Separate the money you make into bank accounts, jars, envelopes, whatever – just do it and be consistent. Lots of people have taught this since the turn of the century.


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