Walk in Tubs Canada: No Leaks! How The Door Seal Works

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For many people, the idea of a walk in tub is intriguing except for one great big concern: How do the seals on these tubs work? And more importantly, do they really work? After all, no one wants to face the idea of a flooded bathroom.

While the need for a walk in tub may be compelling, the fear that the tub will leak is dismaying enough that many people forgo purchasing one, thus subjecting themselves to potential accidents unnecessarily. Especially when a walk in bath will aid in elder care, delaying installing one can result in harm or simply make homecare more difficult.

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry. A quality walk in tub is engineered and built to be watertight for the life of the tub. In fact, most manufacturers guarantee that the seal will remain leak proof for as long as you have the tub. (Of course this assumes that the seal has not been tampered with or broken.)

So how does the seal work? Quite simply, when you latch the door the system creates a hydrostatic seal. Then, the weight of the water in the tub compresses the seal so it doesn’t leak. Doors are not difficult to close but, for those who lack muscle strength, you may want to look at tubs that are extra easy to close.

There are other important considerations regarding the door on walk in bath tubs. Depending on where the tub will be installed, you should consider front (usually found on smaller tubs) versus side opening tubs (the most common). Deciding on a door that opens in or one that opens out can depend on both the size of the space (inward doors take up less space) and how concerned you are about emergency escape. (You cannot open an inward door until the water has drained out.) And you also need to consider whether the door will open to the left or to the right. Again, the space where the tub will be installed will determine your choices.

The decision to install a walk in tub is a big one. However, there’s no need to worry about the door of the tub leaking. Just make sure the manufacturer guarantees the tub is leak proof and you’re good to go.


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