How to Make Sure Your Cat Eats During Each Meal Time

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Taking care of a cat is not that easy.  This is especially true when you have a very spoilt cat.  In my case, I have two cats at home – one of them seems to be lacking in appetite.  She refused to eat her food and sometimes she can go on strike for two whole days!  I was very worried since she was not eating and she refused to drink as well.  I bought her to a vet and the doctor told me that this is an attitude problem and it has nothing to do with health issues.

I didn’t believe what the vet told me because I thought a cat wouldn’t possibly have any attitudes because cats are animals and animals can’t create attitudes, can they?  But since I didn’t have any choice I tried to follow some of the vet’s suggestion.  He suggested that I give my cat the regular dry food I used to give my other cat.  The vet said it is alright if she doesn’t eat for two days because eventually when she’s hungry enough she will learn to accept whatever is served for her.  I tried this method for a month and I couldn’t continue any further because I didn’t have the heart to do this anymore – my cat was suffering from hunger!  She ate very little and her stomach was very flat as if there is no food to eat!

Then I tried to give her different types of food hoping that she would like any of them.  I tried giving her boiled fish – she liked it but only for one whole day.  On the second day, I gave her the same fish and she just sniffed it and went away, even though I knew she was hungry.  I didn’t give up.  I tried giving her boiled chicken.  Again, she refused.  Somehow, I thought about giving her only the chicken breast part and I was amazed to see that she likes it!  But I have to make sure that all the skins and fats are ridded off, if not she would not eat the chicken!

Since this is the only food she wanted to eat, I gave her chicken breast two times daily, with dry food available at all times but she never even sniffed at the dry food at all.  Only my other cat ate the dry food.  However, during the past month she started to refuse chicken breast during certain days.  It means there were certain days that she was hungry the whole day because she simply refused to eat.

Then, one day I thought about trying to give her wet food from the can again.  She used to hate them before that’s why I didn’t bother to buy any of the canned food.  But since she was not eating her chicken I had to find other alternatives.  So I bought a can of wet food containing fish and jellies in it.  She liked it but only for two days.  I kept changing brands because she would only eat from the same brand for two days maximum and the third day she would rather go hungry than eating. 

Finally I tried pure tuna.  This is the only one that becomes her favorite until now.  It has been more than a month now and my cat has been eating with a great appetite during each mealtime.  I feed her three times a day and sometimes she would come to me and asked for more! 

Now she has gained weight and I am very happy with her improvement.  She is content, she likes her food and I love watching her eat.  She even makes munching noises when eating since I think she likes her tuna so much!   


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