Skechers Shape Ups Review

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Skechers shape ups claim to do many things including promoting wieght loss, reduce cellulite, tone muscles and improve your posture without having to go to the gym. Of course most of you are quite skeptical of a shoe that claims to do all of this, after all its just a shoe. I am glad to share a review and oppionions of my own with those of you that are debating rather or not to buy the shoe.
I had recieved these shoes as a gift for my birthday on the 7th of june. In only a week to two weeks time (walking with the shoes only about 10-30 minutes a day or less) i sat down on the bed and happened to look at my leg, low and behold i noticed that my cellulite was almost gone. I also had noticed since wearing the shoes my back had hurt less and had been cracking from my posture being corrected, wich had completely suprised me. My legs have built more muscle in them since i had noticed some stretch marks from my legs building more muscle. Also I have difficulty walking fast and long distances for you see i am pregnant and the extra weight makes it hard to manouver the way i used to, haha. Skechers had some how made it easier for me to walk faster and longer without tireing out so quickly. All thier claims seem to be accurate. The only con that i had noticed is after taking a break from wearing the shoes i noticed my back had hurt terrible from not using the shoes just for a couple days. Also its hard to wear my regular shoes because its not easy to go back to them after getting used to the comfort and hieght of the skechers.
I personally am amazed at how well the product works. The price on the other hand seems a little over board. Since i am cheap i would not spend this much on a shoe but i now know that it is well worth it. I would defininatly reccomend this shoe to anyone suffering from cellulite, poor posture and pregnant women.


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