Instructions to Maintain Cheque Books in Banking System, Part 1

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Instructions to maintain Cheque Books in banking system, Part 1


S J Tubrazy

The issue of cheque book will be under direct charge of the manager or accountant who will keep all such books in his personal custody. In the absence of an accountant cheque books may be issued in the ordinary course by an assistant accountant against requisition slip only provided of course all the precautions. Cheque books against requests received by letter should be issued under the authority of manger. When a cheque book is issued the name of constituent and the date of issue will be entered in the cheque book register and will be initialed by the official in charge of the cheque books. The recipient’s signature or the initials of the supervising official will be taken in the acknowledgment column.

The number of the cheques must be noted at the head of the relative ledger account and each cheque should be branded with the number with of the current or cash credit account ledger and the constituent’ s account number. Cash credit cheques should not be rubber stamped with the letters C.C as it publicizes the nature of the drawer dealings with the bank. Instead a few hundred serial numbers in consecutive serial orders, depending upon the size of the branched the expected rise in the number of cash credit accounts in future should be reserved for cash credit accounts. A cash credit account when opened should be numbered out of the serials so reserved.

Except when a constituent comes personally to the bank a new cheque book should ordinary be issued only against a written application signed by the constituents on one of the bank’s engraved requisition slips one of those slips is bound in each cheque book and bears the number f the first and the last cheque therein. Before a cheque book is issued the requisition slips must be carefully examined to see that it is out of the constituent’s current cheque book and that the signature is genuine.

When a cheque book is issued to a constituent messenger or a third party either on requisition slip or on a letter of application, care must be taken to see that the presenter is duly identified to the bank and the constituent must always be advised by the bank messenger or post on relevant form which also contained a form of acknowledgment for the constituents signature. A cheque book must not be issued to an unknown person. 


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