Android Support to Htc Been More Closer to Competition

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People love the amazing build quality and beauty of HTC devices. HTC has launched several devices in the past, and most of them are Android-powered. Back at MWC, they introduced the Desire S, Incredible S, ChaCha, Wildfire S, Salsa, and HTC Flyer, and later launched the Sensation and Evo 3D.

HTC is the single of the heading tech companies in the universe as good as their smartphones have been regularly top-notch. People adore the extraordinary set up peculiarity as good as beauty of HTC devices. HTC has launched multiform inclination in the past, as good as many of them have been Android-powered. Back during MWC, they introduced the Desire S, Incredible S, ChaCha, Wildfire S, Salsa, as good as HTC Flyer, as good as after launched the Sensation and Evo 3D.

HTC’s decision to heavily push Android appears to be the company’s best decision it has ever made. Just recently in Q1, HTC proudly proclaimed that it had sold nothing less than 9,313,500 devices. Not a bad number, eh? Well, despite sales slowing down slightly in Europe from heavy competition of other Android phones, HTC sold over 11 million devices in Q2. When you take into account that this number doesn’t truly reflect HTC’s new power hitters the Evo 3D and the Sensation 4G because of how recently they were introduced, the numbers will only get better. A great consumer response to Sense, great phones for modders, and a commitment to bleeding edge technology have led HTC to the front of the Android race. I’m thinking they won’t be stopping any time soon.

HTC has long set about making its brand stand out in the crowded world of Android phone makers. It’s “Quietly brilliant” campaign has gone a long way to make its brand recognizable in a world where many consumers refer to all Android phones as “Droids”.   The company has also announced its intention to buy graphics company S3 from Via for $300 million. No detailed plans have been given for its intentions behind the purchase, but the impressive IP portfolio probably factors into the deal in today’s litigious climate.

All these referred to inclination have been amazing, as good as it looks similar to they’re giving HTC the little extraordinary income as well. HTC not long ago expelled their Q1 sales report, as good as they sole roughly 9.4 million devices, which is patently not the bad result. Now HTC is during it again with their Q2 report, braggadocio some-more than eleven million inclination sole in Q2 2011 alone.


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