People Magazine May Not Pay Casey Anthony; Would You Boycott Your Favorite Media Outlet if They Present Casey Anthony With Cash For Her Story?

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A reporter for People magazine has told the media that they will not pay Casey Anthony for her story, out of fear of being boycotted by readers.  Considering that People magazine represents a large swatch of the mainstream culture the fear of backlash makes a lot of sense.  But what about other media outlets?  If the liberal media exploits her story, are you liberal enough to read the article to hear what she has to say and enlightened enough to continue to support that magazine?

While I am outraged along with the rest of America I would never boycott a media organization because I have issues with an article they put out.  I have stopped supporting media outlets, and writers in general, whose message is inconsistent with my own beliefs and politics.  I tried the opposite approach, because I wanted to be enlightened and open to everything, but I felt as though I was not standing for anything.  A boycott may be the only way that people can affect the outcome of Casey Anthony’s life after the verdict.

The real question is whether or not people are vindictive enough, to shut down Casey Anthony’s cash flow by boycotting media outlets that wish to pay her for her story.  So far our angst has been hypocritical, because we have stood by while a lot of arguments, ideology, concepts, and ideas have been promoted by the American media that consistently and deliberately disrespects and tramples upon our ideals and morals.  If media outlets are boycotted now, it would represent a shift in the relationship that Americans have with the media; one that is long overdue.  

It would suggest that people actually have a say in their media, and not just through the Internet with the opportunity to create their own media.  They would have a say in what the mainstream media feeds to them.  But would they really be exercising their right to choice?  The media created this frenzy to begin with, and crucified Casey Anthony in the court of public opinion.  Boycotting the media, because they pay for the interview, could be playing right into their hands.  We could be pitting one outlet against each other, and at the end of the day, enrich that outlet that sought to oppress us all along.  You need to be careful; do your homework, as a lot of people obviously have not done with respect to this case, choose your targets carefully and do not sacrifice one media outlet for another just to find out that they are all in the same boat.  The media is playing a carefully construed political game with their viewers, and we have to be smart enough and have the discernment to know who is worth our time and trouble and who isn’t …


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