2010 Zenvo St-1

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Since the company was founded back in 2004, by Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen, which the name “Zenvo” was created by putting the two founders names together. The prototype of their first car, which is called the ST-1, was completed late 2008, with production started back in mid-2009, as 2010 models, but only 15 cars will be made to keep it exclusive to customers that will only buy them if they are unique, and only if the customer is approved by Zenvo. It is unknown if only 15 cars altogether will be made, or if that’s an estimate for annual production, or if they plan to make a new model and only make them in very low numbers.

The car is credited for being Danish design, with the exterior panels being made in Germany, with engine and interior parts coming from US and German cars. The ST-1 has a twin-charged (an engine that has both a turbocharger and a supercharger) 7L V8, that produces 1,104 hp and 1,050 lb·ft of torque, the car weights 3,020 lb, with majority of the car being made of carbon fiber. The car can sprint 0 – 60 mph in under 3 seconds, with the top speed, being Electronically Limited, at 233 mph. With such great status, the ST-1 has a power-to-weight ratio of 802 bhp/ton.


Some other features of the car is that it’s mid-engined, has a Double wishbone suspension, Power assisted 6 piston light alloy calipers brakes, Oil-cooled 6 speed manual gearbox, Forged Aluminum rims, hydraulic limited slip differential, Traction control, ABS, Adjustable Anti-roll bar, Hydraulic ride height control ,and the suspension has three adjustable settings. Some extras include carbon wheels,  ceramic discs with 8 piston calipers, Roll Cage, and 4 point Safety Harness in the seats.


The ST-1 is priced as $1 Million USD and since it’s limited production of 15 and can only be bought as a pre-order, since these cars are specially made by customer’s requirements of what they want, they’re going to be a rare find a very rare sight, and a rare treat of just seeing one.


Zenvo is developing a roadster convertible version of the ST-1, called the High Performance Super, but no other information is available at this time about this car.


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