2011 Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit

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Gillet, an automaker company that is not very well know who is based out of Belgium, and has for along time made hand-built cars based from the Lotus 7, back since 1982, with Gillet’s creations being called the Donkervoort, then eventually made their first, scratch made car, the Vertigo, in 1991 by Tony Gillet, who is also a very famous race car driver from the 1980’s.

The model he made was just a prototype, which was built on a Lotus 7 chassis, and was unveiled at the 71st Brussels Auto Show in January 1992. In 1994, when the first Vertigo went into production, Tony Gillet founded his car company, Gillet. With the first Vertigos built, they had a Ford Cosworth 2.L I4 engine, then later, they had a 3L Alfa Romeo V6 engine.

Tony Gillet has recently made a new car, a new Vertigo, called the Vertigo .5, based off the Vertigo racecar used in the 2007 FIA GT race series. Went into production late 2008 and still in production, with only 25 being made to date, the Vertigo .5 uses a 4.2L Maserati V8. This year, Gillet has made a more powerful version of the Vertigo .5 which is now called the Vertigo .5 Spirit, which started production with the 2011 base models.

The Vertigo .5 Spirit’s produces 414 hp with the whole car weighting 2183 lbs, as the body is a monoshell made out of of both carbo fiber and comes with a Nomex coating agent, so it’s power to weight ratio is approximately 380 hp/ton. Some features includes a 6-speed sequential gearbox and the suspension system with the front and rear featuring 2 superimposed wishbones with independent wheels at the back. The .5 Spirit comes with 19 inch rims with 225 mm wide tires in the front and 275 mm tires for the rear.

The unusual thing about the Vertigo is that is hasn’t changed much since it started production back in 1994, and has always been a road-going version of it’s race cars over the years, but with updated to the engine and chassis.

The price of a Vertigo .5 Spirit has not be announced, but the base model is priced at $265,000 USD and only can be bought as a pre-order, because each model is specailly built based on what the customer wants.


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