2012 Porsche 911 (Type 991)

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A small, minor issue still plagues many, which is about the actual name of the next generation 911, is it a 998, or is it going to be called a 991, or is it going to have two names, the Porsche 911 Type 998 991? To end the confusion, Porsche is going to call the new 911, the 991, from an official report made by GT3000. As the name went backwards like numbers of couse, let’s hope that the new 911 isn’t either.

The successor to the current 997, which was just face lifted this year, will have better fuel efficiency and lower C02 emissions, requested by customers for this change, Porsche claims that the 991 will look much different from the 996 and 997 have, but designs with the last several 911s, it could look almost exactly the same.

Still being a rumor, but photos of the spied prototype test mule, shows evidence that Porsche is testing it with a possibility that it could be the first Porsche hybrid. Recently reported by Autoblog, the 991 will come with Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which was first seen in F1 cars and then seen in new Ferrari road cars.

Another rumor still lingering about this 991 is that Porsche has been known for testing a new flat-8 engine, and there is a slim chance that it could be seen in a future Porsche, either the 991 or something else. But what is most likely to happen, is the new 911 will have an updated 3.6L flat-6.

Some noticeable physical changes to the 991, as seen on the test mule, it will have updated headlights, new taillights, and the rear wing appears to be similar to the one on the Panamera. The 9918 is also a bit taller and a few inches longer, including wheelbase. Some other features are to be shared from the 918 spyder. 

Sales of the new 911 will begin late this year or beginning of 2012, and other information should be released by Porsche within the next few months, prices of the new 911 should be roughly in the same area as before, starting at around $80,000 USD.

Eventually, Porsche are going to run out numbers to brand each 911 to come in the future, so it’s a wonder what they might do when that happens, call future models the Porsche 1011, 9911, or simply retire the 911 and finally move on to a whole new car?


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