2013 Dodge Viper

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Since Chrysler has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and then Fait taking a huge chunk of ownership, the Viper has been axed, but with huge plans on it’s return, but not much has been confirmed on what the new Viper is going to be, even a lot of speculation on who is going to develop the car.

Since Fiat owns Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, rumors have circulated that one of them could pitch in with the engineers of Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT), or if SRT is going to do this alone. Either way, the infamous Viper V10 is going to make it to the car, depending on help from Fiat, the new Viper could have 600 hp – 700 hp with a completely revamped engine, or a completely new V10 made by Ferrari. AN Option for a smaller engine could be possible, for a cheaper version of the Viper might come with a big Hemi V8 engine.

Some rumors of a test mule have been around about Chrysler using a 2010 model with new and updated gadgets, to keep away the spy photographers, a new or improved engine could also be in the test mule. Not much information has been released about the new Viper, as both Chrysler and Fiat are waiting for results from the test mule and anything else they may have in store until their planned production date of next year.

Chrysler regained interest with the Viper late last year, instead of selling the Viper name to Devon Motors, and quoted from a Chrysler official, saying,  “making a new Viper in time for the supercar Olympics”, but that being some of the few official information that has been released, other official information about the new Viper was a dealer conference on September 14, 2010 in Orlando, Florida, involving a group of engineers and Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne.

The Previous Viper, has been in production for 18 years, then was cut short when Chrysler declared bankruptcy, also to low sales of the Viper with it last’s few years of production, production ended July 1, 2010. 

The new Viper is expected to enter production end of next year, as 2013 models, with prices being near the $100,000 USD mark.


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