2013 Chevrolet Corvette (C7)

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Since 2007, GM has been developing the next-gen Corvette, to succeed the C6 model, but due to financial problems, and with new and tighter regulations from the Corporate Average Fuel Economy(CAFE), the original production date of 2011(to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet) was pulled back, until recently, GM has plan to put the C7 on sale end of next year as 2013 models.

With plans to officially unveil the C7 Corvette beginning of next year, the C7 will come with the new 5.5 L small block V8 that features a number of technical advancements including an aluminum block and heads and a revised combustion system, this new engine was first seen in the C6.R racecar, with the power to exceed 440 hp, from the current 436 hp in the C6 base model.

Appearance wise, Gm has completely redesigned the C7, unlike the minor changes with the C5 and C6 Corvettes, for the new Corvette to share a lot of characteristics with the recent Stingray Concept car, if not completely identical to the Concept, like what was done with the current Camaro. There will be an option to have a rear split window, which was first seen on the 1963 Stingray Coupe, which was a one-year design at the time. 

Though a test mule has not been seen yet, and all existing images of this car, that can be found on the Internet, are images of the Concept or photo-shopped images of what the car might looked like when it enters production, but GM says that they made a test mule and has been testing it since the beginning of this year.

The C7 will come with much better and more modern performance components, to make up for the fact that changes with the past several generations of the performance on the Corvette has been lazy at best, using leaf suspension and a simple differential systems, with no plans of improving the car.

As the 5.5L V8 will be in the base model, GM wants to put 6.2L and a 7.0L engines in the up-rated models, to give either 625 hp or a possible 700 hp. Prices for the base model are to be in the $50,000 USD range, with the highest trim reaching $110,000 USD. More information will be released around the time that the official unveil of the new Corvette next year.


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