2014 Mazda Rx-9

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With the successful RX-8 production coming to and end, end of next year, after a strong ten years, Mazda has a test mule in development called the X16, with an all-new Rotary engine, with fuel efficiency being improved by 20% and more all-round power.

This RX-9 is said to have a 1.6L Rotary engine that being developed this year and the car’s weight is said to be about 2,756 lbs (1,250 kg). An electric supercharger is said to come with the car, to boost the power to approximately 302 hp, and the RX-9 will have a twin-clutch, two pedal six-speed transmission. Official information about the next-gen Rotary engine is said to be the first Rotary with aluminum side housings and direct injection technology.

The RX-8’s Successor, going to be called the RX-9 when it’s in production, will be based off the RX-7, as Mazda said that the RX-9 will a true successor to the RX-7, as the RX-8 was an attempt to make a practical, family sports cars, and Mazda plans to make the RX-9 to resemble the latest model of the RX-7. The RX-7 left production in 2002, after 24 years, there has been 811,634 examples produced, the RX-7 was put into production in 1978, to succeed the RX-3. 

The New RX-9 is said to be built on the same chassis as the MX-5, either the current one, or the new one that is expected to be redesigned, being based off the Shiner Concept, and put into production by 2013-2014. 

Mazda is planning to unveil the RX-9 sometime next year and sales begin late 2013, as 2014 models, information about prices, trim levels, and what markets the RX-9 will be sold, will be released around the time a production ready model of the RX-9 will be unveiled to the public.

Recently, Mazda has said that there may not be a new RX-8, or RX-9, and the rotary engine might even be axed, so it will be replaced with a much more efficent engine, but the good news is that they are going to make a successor to the RX-7, and may even call it a RX-7 instead of the RX-9, which Mazda also states that the RX-9 was also a rumor, and will be built on the MX-5 chassis as orgianlly stated.


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