How to Avoid Mistakes in a Career Search

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Career search is an important part of realizing your dreams. A person has to know how to do career search effectively in order to land the job that he truly desires.

Sometimes the reason why people cannot land a job is because of the blunders they make in trying to find one. It is very important for a job seeker to do his career search effectively because mistakes may result in some disastrous consequences. In order to avoid making mistakes, it is important to learn the mistakes that many job seekers commit in their career search.

Yes, you cannot be perfect so the least that you can do is to be conscious with how you undertake your career search. Evaluate yourself and check which of your tactics pulls you down. So what are the common mistakes that job-seekers make? Here are some of the most common errors that job seekers make. Learn about these mistakes and correct them:

1.) Limiting Oneself to One Type of Job Experience:

Many job seekers who started working with a particular job position will refuse to check out other job position that they can otherwise apply for on their career search. Why limit yourself to one particular job? If you limit yourself and apply only to one type of job, you are denying yourself of other better job opportunities. By trying to send your application to a variety of positions in different companies, you give yourself wider career options and a better chance to actually get a job.

2.) Writing the Resume Based on Personal Likes and Dislikes:

Many job seekers make the mistake of building a resume based on their personal preferences. The best way to write a resume is to write it with your potential employer in mind. Think how the employer will see your resume? Does your resume tell everything the potential employer needs to read? Write only those qualifications that relate to the position that you are applying for and not your favorite work experience.

3.) Using Only One Search Medium:

Do not rely on just one medium when you career search. Try your best to harness all the resources available to you. Do you know that only about 10-15% of job openings are found online? The majorities of job hiring are printed in sign boards, newspapers or are just passed by mouth? Try also to use your networks of former co-workers, former employers, professors and friends to help you with your career search. Ask for recommendations as well as information on job hiring.

4.) Failure to Research About the Company:

Researching about the company and the position is not just vital in answering the questions during the interview but also important in understanding the job that you are applying for. Never fail to research about the industry, position and the company to help you start the job.

5.) Sending Wrong Impressions to the Interviewer:

During the interview, you are assessed and judged by the interviewer. Avoid sending negative impressions to your interviewer. Everything about you sends different signals to the interviewer. Try your best to dress properly, shave, shower, cut your fingernails and maintain basic hygiene. Avoid slouching; look at the interviewer in the eye and confidently answer the questions. Avoid fidgeting and answering with thoughtless and random replies to questions.

Now that you know the mistakes that you usually make in your career search, try your best to avoid them. There is no excuse for errors when you do your career search. Follow the tips given above and you will surely be successful in your job search!


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