Stamped Concrete Contractor | What You Need To Know

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A stamped concrete contractor can help you decorate your home by laying a stamped concrete exterior. Stamped concrete involves pouring of slab concrete for walkways, patios, driveways, etc. and then before the concrete has fully dried up, patterns and textures are impressed onto it. Stamped concrete lends texture to surfaces that can be anything from cobblestones to wood. Stamped concrete exteriors have become a craze in recent times as they are cheap and very attractive.
The process of laying stamped concrete is intricate. The concrete is placed and color is added to it. Release agent is then applied which allows the removal of texturing mats without taking off concrete. The mats are then laid in succession and are allowed to dry for around twenty four hours. Release agent is pressure washed off and the sealing is cleared. A stamped concrete contractor and a crew of professional workers are required to get it right. Stamped concrete looks great on driveways, pavements, counter tops, etc. due to their unique designs and color combinations. You can get almost any pattern with a properly laid stamped concrete.
Stamped concrete contractors lay exteriors duplicating bricks, pavers and cobbles. Stamped concrete surfaces, however, are better than original surfaces as unlike original surfaces, they are not susceptible to frost heave and other such changes in the underlying surface. Also these original surfaces allow the growth of weed through the cracks. But as stamped concrete is a continuous surface, nothing can grow in between. The indentions are only halfway and do not actually exist. Moreover, it looks as good as original surfaces and can have a surprising number of attractive patterns, textures and colors.
However, do not attempt to lay stamped concrete yourself. The process of laying stamped concrete is an extremely difficult process and is almost an art. Only good and experienced stamped concrete contractors can lay stamped concrete. Moreover, special kinds of tools are required for the process. A properly laid stamped concrete exterior is very attractive. If you wish to get a stamped concrete exterior, contact a good stamped concrete contractor to get it done.


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