Wendy Robbins’s Helpful Questions to Create New Solutions

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Brilliantly elegant (yet unbelievably simple) questions to find out exactly why you are not getting the results you want!

Wendy Robbins is hosting an amazing free teleseminar series with 24 top experts and here are some life changing questions asked. See what your answers are. You are invited to join the calls as there is a link to use below.

I’m an expert turnaround specialist because being stuck in a rut or letting my mind whirl around obsessively doesn’t work for me. Here’s some questions that may get you to create new solutions when you feel stuck or unfocused. Please let me know if they are helpful to you.

What does the word crisis mean to you?

What are turning points to you?

Sometimes we’re goal oriented with blinders on so that we can’t see options or turning points – we’re attached to our results – what are some practices we can do to insure we see more options, are available then just dead ends, obstacles, intuition and catch the turning points quicker?

What are examples of wake up calls?

What are the purposes of wake up calls?

Science is now proving we can in our present effect our past to create a new present or future – any thoughts on that?

How can rites of passage rituals be used or created to facilitate a dramatic turning point?

Why do we seem to prefer our limitations and shy away from embracing our magnificence?

What are some great questions we can ask to start loving and embracing the light within?

What do you find most people are afraid of?

What are most of us denying?

What does it mean to live a turned off life? What does it mean to live a turned on life?

So if we were to say to you – Will the real you please stand up – who would that person be?

What does it mean to you to be authentic?

How do you deal with your shadow self?

How do you turn dead ends into doorways?

How do you navigate through unexpected times?

How do you deal with fear?

What are the payoffs we get for being confused?

What are the best ways to be clear and focused?

What would you change about your life if you thought you only had one year to live?

What do you mourn for?

How do you handle guilt?

What can you do to remain open to a new life and what if your old life doesn’t seem to fit into what you are creating?

What are you passionate about?

What parts of yourself have you been ignoring, neglecting or denying?

What do you need to do or to let go of to finally be free?

How do you dig deeper for wisdom?

Do you care what others think of you? Why? Does it stop you from doing what you really want to do? How is that working for you?


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