If Casey Anthony Did Not Kill Caylee, Then Who Did?

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So the State has got it wrong again.  As it happens so many times when the State is the prosecution, they simply cannot prove their case beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Casey Anthony gets off because of reasonable doubt; I get it, I understand that.  But who did kill Caylee Anthony?

Who is she covering up for?  They found her guilty of four counts of providing false information to a police officer.  I am glad that this is over, but I am a bit confused by the verdict.  Not because I was certain that she did it, but because everyone else in the country was!  They are already comparing this to the OJ Simpson verdict

I actually remember that verdict.  If you thought that racism was behind us, you were in for a rude awakening on that day.  Whites were mad as hell, Blacks partied out in the streets.  I remember it so clearly I was in my student union at a HBCU and Blacks rejoiced unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I think the OJ Simpson trial actually united us as a people on that day.  I guess to a casual observer, we were all racists on that day.

I don’t know if OJ Simpson actually did it or not.  I tend to believe that he did, the more that I think about it.  I do not think that Reginald Denny deserved what came to him on that fateful day.  I am that rare breed that does not think that rioting and destroying your community is the answer.  All that happens is that the neighborhood is rebuilt and someone else moves in, which is precisely what happened in those neighborhoods. 

Is this the OJ Simpson trial though?  The OJ Simpson trial, and the environment and media circus that surrounded it, was about as racist as America had become in a long time.  What everyone believes that Casey Anthony has done, while surely a sign of neglect, abuse, and what some may perceive as being calculated indifference and contempt for her own child brought out a different type of angst in America.  It is the angst of millions of Americans that are sick and tired of seeing young children being treated like garbage while their parents get to walk away without dealing with the consequences of their actions. 

Almost every other day you hear about some young child that was either killed, molested, raped or just flat out emotionally and physically abused by a young woman that probably never should have had children to begin with.  Had Casey Anthony had been found guilty, it would have given millions of Americans a sense of relief that something was being done about this.  The fact that she has not, regardless of whether or not she actually did it, makes everyone feel that America has failed its children and does not do anything to protect them. 

It is hard to tell what the future holds for Casey Anthony.  What people are saying about her on the Internet is just awful; I haven’t seen this type of hate online for a while, and I check out some pretty rough message boards myself.  I would leave the neighborhood if I were her.  I might actually leave the country because if people are as upset as they say they are; I don’t know.  To me it is not worth taking it to that level but it really feels as though people would like to see someone else take justice into their own hands.  That would not accomplish anything, and that would not bring Caylee Anthony back, but that is just how people feel. 

The media circus has been riveting, to say the least.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  But for Casey’s sake, if she didn’t do it, lets hope that they find who did soon …


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