Poetry ( The Definition of Fear And The Word )

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The definition of fear.

Fear is a creature of your imagination

A perception of your mind

A notion of the feeble mind

An emotion of the dim-witted

Courage is fear acknowledged

But an act of confidence

It is not the opposite of fear

But a statement of self belief

Excuses are for the weak

What reason is for the fearless

To be afraid is to fear

But confidence is courageous

Courage is a progeny of confidence

But fear an ancestor of the frail

If you see life as a challenge

You are scared for life is an opportunity

The fearful see through a microscope

The courageous through a telescope

To desire to achieve is to dream

But to aspire to achieve is a vision

Fear and fright are the pessimists

Courage and confidence the optimists

Courage is the audacity of hope

Fear an acknowledgement of Achilles heel

Do you see the path to the mountain top

Or the rocks scattered on the pathway

See the light at the end of the tunnel

Not the intensity of the darkness

Courage will always achieve

What the indolent is afraid to dream of

So face your fears in buoyancy

For fear is only an imagination of your mind

The word.

I STRUGGLE for my faith, my eternal soul at stake.

If any religion is the true word, then most people have only damnation.

Can any creation be that cruel?

Not a creator that demands pity

I treat others as i want to be treated,

It brings me mockery and deceit.

I am humble and give you praise, it brings me to regard and diminished my worth.

I am kind and helpful to my fellow men, it brings my kindness to be mistaken for weakness.

I covet my neighbour’s wife, it brings me pleasure and satisfaction.

I steal for personal gain, it brings me leisure and riches.

I lie to promote my own agenda, it brings me trust and loyalty.

Why does following the word bring pain?

Why does mocking the word bring pleasure?

Why should pain bring salvation?

Why should pleasure bring damnation?

Why can’t pain bring damnation?

Why can’t pleasure bring salvation?

Why such a dichotomy?


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