Data Dedupelication Backup And Compression-Save Storage, Save Money

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Data deduplication backup and compression serves the same purpose, and that is to maximize the use of storage space. But in an information system, decision in choosing a particular storage technique that can save money and still offer quality backup is essential. To help you come up with the best decision on your storage system purchase, consider these comparisons between data deduplication and compression.

Under compression, storage is maximized through converting the files into smaller-sized forms. One way to make this possible is through deleting redundant entries. Technologies for data compression include Winzip, Compress, and Unix. When it comes to the hardware, tape drive compression is usually done to improve its speed.

In SQL severs, data and backup compression can be done in its database to save storage space. The tables and indexes are primarily compressed in order to save space on database.  When tables and indexes are created, they can already be compressed. Nonetheless, compression requires more time and effort. The cost is also higher for compression. Because of these, Microsoft discourages compression for tables and indexes that are smaller than the entire database or if tables are always used for DML operations. 

For SQL servers, backup compression still needs to be activated. The sp_configure should be manipulated and set for the compression to function. This leads to a faster backup and retrieval procedure. 

Over time, data deduplication backup has been widely used because of its effectiveness when it comes to saving on storage expense. With this, redundant copies are removed and only one copy is being saved. Bandwidth used is also decreased by almost 90%. The system automatically does the backup process every time it detects an alteration on the files.  

Dedupe systems these days performs both data deduplication and compression. This makes storage space savings even bigger. 

Mere compression or data deduplication can both save storage space and bandwidth. Both can improve the backup quality and the performance speed as well. Consider the factors mentioned above when contemplating which compression or data deduplication to avail.

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