Effects OF Drugs ON Age

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A drug is said to be any substance that can cause a physiological change in the body system, but at the same time, all drugs are termed poison because of their nature and the after effects they cause

The main reason why age affects drug interaction is because drug elimination is less efficient in the newborn and in old people

Drugs commonly produce greater and more prolonged effects at the late stages of life, this is as a result of reduced body mass which is associated with aging, because this factor is overlooked, older people still tend to consume the volume of drug they were consuming when they were younger, this alone could lead to an increased overload of drugs in the system which may lead to death due over activity and blockage of drug receptors

Other related factors such as pharmacodynamic sensitivity are also important with some drugs.

Physiological factors such as altered cardiovascular reflexes and pathological factors such as hypothermia which are common in elderly people, also influence drug effects

Elderly people consume more drugs than do younger adults, so the potential for drug interaction is also increased

all drugs consists of side effects or after effects,but to the ordinary minded,if a drug does not produce any noticeable side effect immediately then it is worth consuming any anytime without putting into consideration the side effects of drugs. A typical example of a drug of abuse is alcohol and another of such drugs is paracetamol which when taken in excess may be fatal and the fatality is usually dose dependent,the list of harmful drugs may continue on and  on.

in drug administration,there are factors that are suppose to be taken into consideration before drugs are administered to an individual,such factors are




A lethal dose of a drug,is the dose of that drug that can kill .
a toxic dose is a dose of a drug that can cause toxicity to the body system such as renal damage,carcinogenic potentials e.t.c.
effective dose of a drug is the dose of a drug that will give a normal and desired result expected of that drug.
having said this,it is quite unfortunate that these factors are most of the times not considered or adhered to before drug substances are administered.
it is of utmost importance that drug consumers should seek advice from the appropriate authority and drug administrators should put into consideration the adverse effect of drugs before administration


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