2013 Aston Martin Db9

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Aston Martin is currently working on a next generation of the DB9 and the Vantage, since Aston has put the Cygnet into production, a microcar based off the Toyota iQ, they are now working on improving their two core models, with mild facelifts on the 2011 models.

The only official information given about the new car is that they have a test mule called VH500 and that it shares a lot of similarities to the DB9, but this VH500 is said to be loaded with improved and new equipment. Some exterior changes are to be shared from the One-77 Supercar and including performance, such as light materials to keep the weight below 3,300 lbs and a major update to the current V-12 engine.

The test mules code name, VH500, must refer to the chassis code, which is VH, and 500 must mean that the up-dated and up-rated V-12 will produce 500 hp. The up-dated V-12 is also said to produce lesser emissions while having more power, also slightly better fuel efficiency. The test mule for the new Vantage is called the VH600, meaning the same, except it could produce 600 hp?

Other information about the new DB9 is that, even though it will share styling cues from the One-77, Aston has said that they reached near perfection with the DB9, since it’s much more car then it’s rivals, that the overall look and shape will not change very much, but the One-77 isn’t much different looking to the DB9 in the first place, just very wide and low to the ground with a lot of tiny exterior changes, to make it more like a very scary and flashy road-going racecar, as if Aston has taken DB9 and turned into a monster that came to being a One-77.

Aston Martin are planning to put the new DB9 into production in early 2013 with the prices staying were they are with the current DB9. Other information that was released is about the Vantage, a new version will be put into production in 2014. No information have been released at this time about, pricing, unveiling and pre-ordeing, but should be beginning of next year.


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