Six Great Tips TO Help You Make Money With Fiverr

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Making money online has never got easier with the introduction of the gig site. If you have browsed through this site, then you should have an idea of what I am talking about. However, most people find it hard to selling gigs on this site and earning unlimited $5. Knowing what gig to sell is one part of making money with this site but getting your gigs featured is another issue totally. In this article, I will share with you great tips about what gigs you can sell on this site.

A: Selling video reviews is a hot-cake on this site. If by chance, you have a webcam or a video camera, then you can sell a gig about creating a few minutes video review for products and websites for people. This is quite a simple gig to do because all information need to do the video review is already on the website!

B: Searching through gigs on the site and discovering which ones are on demand is a great way to discover what gigs to post on the site. To do this, simply visit the homepage, scroll down the page and by your right hand side, there are loads of “REQUESTED GIGS”. These requested gigs are a list of what people are looking for. Once you have viewed them, choose the ones you can offer and contact the requester. Simple!

C: Social media services are the most selling gigs on the site. Gigs such as: getting Facebook fans, setting-up Fan pages, getting like and co are gigs that people are really looking for.

These are simple tasks that could put between $5-$50 in your pocket.

D: Article writing, product reviews, sales letter writing, pres release writing are writing tasks that are largely demanded on the site. If you are good at performing these tasks, then this site is where you should post your tasks!

E: Another great way of making money with this site is picture editing. Many people are requesting this type of gig on the site. With a digital camera, you can edit pictures for people. Do not be surprised to discover that many people do not know how to edit pictures with the use of digital camera. If you are good at doing this, then post it on the site.

F: Performing offline tasks like cold calling, serving as virtual assistants and co are also gigs that sell like hot-cake on the site. If you are good at performing offline tasks, then post them on the site.

The tips I have shared in this article are just a general outline of some of the things you can offer on Fiver. The possibilities are endless on this exciting new site and what you can do to make money with Fiverr.


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