2014 Porsche Cayman

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The new Cayman, or a test mule, or a wrokgin prototype of the Cayman has been seen, in-testing, at an undisclosed testing site, with minor tweaks compared to the current model, and is believed to have a smaller engine, instead of having a flat-6, the up-coming Cayman will have a 2.5L 4-cylinder, that reported to have approximately 360 hp. 

The pros and cons of having a smaller engine is that the car will be lighter and a bit more fuel efficient, the interesting bit about this new engine, even though it’s smaller than the one in the current Cayman, it’s been said that it’s going to have 40 hp more than what the current Cayman S has of 320 hp, the new Cayman will also be much more faster thanks to this innovation with engine improvments. But this new engine would only remain if Porsche sticks with the flat N/A motor, which is the only known con at this time.

Not only was the prototype that was seen testing, having some changes in it’s physical appearance and design, the new Cayman was lightened, not counting the lighter engine, but little bits and pieces of the car has been updated with lighter parts, another new feature of the new Cayman is that Porsche has recently announced that the next Cayman will have an optional limited-slip differential, which is great for grip.

As for the current Cayman, Porsche is planning to end production in end of 2012, with the few months that the car will be out of production, Porsche will unveil the next generation Cayman, although by appearance of the Prototype, it won’t be a huge difference, only the increase in the car’s performance is what can be easily recognized, other bits of the car’s apperance may differ from what can be seen from the spied shots of the car-in-testing.

The New Cayman won’t have an expected change in rivals, with the current rivals being the the Nissan 370Z, BMW M3, Lotus Evora, and the Farbio GTS350.

Additional information of prices, engine options, pre-ordering, offical unveiling, actual specs of the Cayman’s performance, trim options, and color options are to be released early next year.


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