Divorce Support in Toronto – How to Stop Your Sibling From Becoming Another Canadian Divorce Statistic?

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When our siblings are considering divorce, we often don’t know how to give them the divorce support that they really need.

As an experienced family law lawyer I can tell you, if you want to provide divorce support for a loved one, here are three things you can tell them with confidence:

  1. Do not separate unless you have seriously tried to rekindle your love and intimacy.
  2. If you must separate, it is crucial that you get equipped with essential tools to go through a separation and to rebuild you and your children’s lives.
  3. Do not start another relationship too quickly, as it is almost guaranteed to hurt your children. Get powerful guidance from a program that is designed to help you transition and create a new life.

I can’t emphasize enough the need for people to be educated before they separate. None of the thousands of clients that I have worked with in over 20 years were prepared for what they experienced – and they and their children suffered more, and spent more money as a result. This is the best divorce support you can give your siblings.

If you’re searching the web for divorce support in Toronto, rather than broadly searching for “divorce lawyers Toronto”, try searching “collaborative lawyers” or “divorce mediator”. 

Collaborative lawyers are trained in interest-based negotiation – the most effective method of negotiation – and in other powerful communication skills. A divorce mediator is also trained in negotiation and communication skills. A divorce mediator may prefer working with Collaborative lawyers for maximum efficiency.

Impart on your loved one that broadly searching “divorce lawyers Toronto” may not be in their best interest as they may inadvertently find ‘adversarial’ lawyers who will very likely increase their emotional and legal costs.

Instead of searching “divorce lawyers Toronto”, you can try searching the websites of Collaborative Practice Toronto, The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, or the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation.

If you are looking for a divorce mediator, you can try searching The Ontario Association for Family Mediationor looking for a family lawyer who does mediation.

Divorce support in Toronto is readily available, and I encourage you to take a stand for your siblings and their kids. Referring them to individuals and programs that are responsible and effective is the best divorce support you can give them. 


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