2013 Lamborghini Cabrera

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The 2013 Lamborghini Cabrera is to be the successor of the Gallardo, using the same advance technology from Lamborghini’s recent creation, the Aventador. The Cabrera is said to have an all new supercharged V10 engine that will produce 592 hp (30 more than the Gallardo SL), but some rumors are spreading that the engine could produce 600 hp or more. This engine will be shared with the upcoming Lamborghini sedan, the Estoque, which is set to debut in 2014 and a spyder variant of the Cabrera is said to be put into production the following year of the Carbrera’s release. The Cabrera spyder could become the fastest production convertible, depending how powerful and light the Cabrera could really be.

Some of the technology that was made for the Aventador, like the new four-wheel drive system and the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts that will help to reduce the car’s total weight are to be used in the Cabrera as well. Lamborghini is expected to show the Cabrera at next year’s Geneva auto show.  With all the new kit that is going into the Cabrera, it will have the same rivals as the Gallardo currently has, such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12C and the Porsche 911.

Some elements are believed to be shared from the Sesto Elemento concept, such as the design and technology, most importantly, the advance carbon fiber chassis that was first seen into production for the Aventador. The possible full-name of the Cabrera could be the Cabrera LP600-4, with the four-wheel drive and the possible 600 hp V10 engine. It is very possible that the Cabrera will be built the same way as the Aventador, where the moldings that are used to make the carbon fiber bodies for the cars, wears out only after about 200-300 models.

Lamborghini hasn’t given much information as of yet on the Cabrera, as the Gallardo is at the age where it’s struggling to keep up with it’s rivals, so it’s only a matter of time now, until more information about the Gallardo’s successor will be reviled. The Cabrera will be unveiled sometime next year and Lamborghini might start pre-orders sometime afterward, until production starts around the time 2013 models are available on other cars.


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