2012 Ferrari F70

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As much research done by Millechili Project at the University of Modena, using the Ferrari FXX as a testing mule, the F70 is based on any useful information that was gathered from the FXX with all the track testing that has been for the last few years. 


A successor to the Ferrari Enzo, which happens to be out of production for nearly 8 years now, the F70 is expected to have a Bi-Turbo charged V8 that produces approximately 700 HP (The Enzo had a 650 hp V12 engine) and with new and improved techniques of using carbon fiber, the F70 is to weight as low as 1200 lbs.With these figures, It is expected to see a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds and a top speed aimed of being 230 mph. The F70 is expected to appear similar to the Millechilli Concept from 2007.


For it’s price, it has been officially stated that it will be border-lined the $1 Million dollar mark in USD.  Ferrari is only planning on making a limited production of 399 units, which is similar to it’s predecessors and an official announcement of a world debut in the spring of 2012.


It’s name, the F70,  is to honor Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. It’s older predecessors shard the same names for the same reasons, as the F40 was made to honor the 40th anniversary of Ferrari (When the F40 was produced in 1987), then the successor, the F50 was made for honor the 50th anniversary (Which was Produced in 1997), then the successor to that, being the Enzo, but the reason why F60 wasn’t it’s official name was because it wasn’t made to honor the 60th anniversary (Which happened 3 years after the production ended on the Enzo), thissupercar was made to commemorate Ferrari’s first formula one title of the new millennium and so the reason of it’s name, named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari.  Since the F60 wasn’t used for the Enzo, in 2009, the 55thsingle-seater car produced by Ferrari to compete in Formula One, was named F60 to celebrate the fact that 2009 is Ferrari’s 60th year in Formula One, the only team to have competed in every consecutive year.


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