Add Freshness to Your Madeira Holidays With Its Natural Protected Areas

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If you are feeling that you are disconnected from nature and missing novelty in your life, you should plan holidays to Madeira and visit its natural protected areas. These areas allow you to establish a unique relationship with the tranquil nature and you’d be able to get rid of your anxiety and fatigue.

Madeira holidays must consist of following protected areas:

Laurissilva Forest

This is one of the most important natural protected areas in Madeira. Moreover, this is the largest natural area that occupies the 20% land of the island. It is not only the largest concentration of Laurissilva forest in the world but the best preserved as well. After this area has got the status of World Heritage Site, more and more people have started looking out for Madeira holiday deals . While walking through the spectacular surroundings, you would come across balanced ecological system as well.

Madeira’s Natural Park

This natural park covers about two-third of the entire island. Hundreds of tourists spend holidays in Madeira especially to feel the purity of lush surroundings of the natural park. Apart from natural beauty, the area is also famous for recreational activities as well. This natural area consists of the Desertas, the Selvagens Islands’ natural reserves and the Laurissilva Forest. Another highlight of the reserve is Portugal’s first and the only marine reserve which is known as the Gararjau Marine Reserve. You will also find one of the good Madeira hotels just outside the reserve.

Desertas Island’s Natural Reserve

If you are interested in taking a closer look at seabirds, this is the natural reserve that you should not miss on while enjoying Madeira holidays. Some of the most common seabirds that you would find while walking around the reserve are Buzzard, shearwater, Bulwer’s Petrel and storm-petrel. Apart from bird watchers, this is another incredible destination for scuba divers. If you want to explore the beauty of the underwater world, just put on the gear and experience the dive of your life.

Ponta de Sao Lourenco’s Natural Reserve

This natural reserve is one of the largest natural protected areas in Madeira. It is located on the easternmost peninsula and consists of two islands namely Ilhéu da Cevada and Ilhéu da Ponta de São Lourenço. Visit Ponta de Sao Lourenco’s Natural Reserve to enjoy your Madeira city breaks with a unique tinge of freshness and novelty. Rich vegetation is the major highlight of the reserve. Other attractions include several bird species and sea lions.


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