Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Maha Panchayat Shifted to Aligarh

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While so far denying permission to the Congress Party to hold Kisan Maha Panchayat in Greater Noida, the Mayawati government has now agreed that the farmer’s meet may be held at Aligarh on July 9.

The Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi will hold a rally there on July 9 to focus on the farmers’ problem in the wake of forced land acquisition policy being followed by the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh.

Mayawati government has been acquiring prime lands of poor farmers at throw away prices all over Greater Noida, Aligarh, Bulandshahar and Agra.  This has been done in connivance with private builders by invoking emergency clause of the Land Acquisition Act which deprives affected farmers to raise any objection. 

After acquisition the state have been selling the same land to real estate builders at a premium price thus making huge profits and at the same time providing scope for state officials to indulge in corrupt practices.

Since there is a paucity of agricultural land and the land holdings of the Indian farmers are always small, the poor farmers are worst affected.  The taking over of land by the state deprives the farmers of their livelihood. The BSP government of UP has been insensitive to the genuine problems of the farmers.

As a result barely two months earlier  Mayawati’s policy of forcible land acquisition sparked off a violent clash between farmers and the police in Bhatta Parsaul village in Greater Noida on May 7 in which four persons were killed due to police firing. The police turned berserk, attacked women and children besides burning the vehicles and destroying properties.

The Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi was the first political leader to reach out to farmers in Greater Noida when there was no body to take care of them.

The Mayawati government had cordoned off the affected village and clamped Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code so as to ensure that no body could know about the gruesome brutalities committed by the police on the villagers, their womenfolk and children.  Later the Mayawati government took the Congress leader into custody for staging dharna against atrocities on the farmers.

With the permission for rally now being granted, the Congress machinery has got down to start preparation for July 9.

“I am confident that thousands of farmers from Agra, Bulandshahr, Noida and Greater Noida (Gautam Budh Nagar) will turn up for Rahul Gandhi’s kisan maha panchayat in Aligarh on July 9,” state Congress president Rita Bahuguna Joshi told reporters in Lucknow on Sunday.

“The object of holding the kisan panchayat is to ensure that the state government stops giving farmers a raw deal that it has been doing for years,” she added.  Meanwhile UPA government led by Congress Party is working on a new land acquisition bill which would ensure that the rights of the farmers are duly secured and they get fair compensation.


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