What Kind of Services Does Northern California Service League Provide?

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The Northern California Service League is a nonprofit organization that provides help to both convicted and newly released individuals.

With over sixty years of experience, the organization acts with the mission “to create safer, healthier communities by helping the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated become responsible and contributing members of society.”

The Northern California Service League works in the field of criminal justice, and in and out the San Francisco Jails and California State Prisons providing various assistance for convicted and previously convicted individuals. They provide the following services to people who are serving and have already served their sentences:


One of the in-jail services that the organization offers is assistance in finding an appropriate legal representative for the charged individual. Many people who are serving their time in prisons are unable to find competent legal attorneys to help them in their sentences. Northern California Service League gives assistance for both parties to meet.

Another in-jail service that the Northern California Service League provides is counseling for inmates with drug or alcohol addiction. Though there is no way for the inmates to get any illegal substance inside their cells, withdrawal symptoms are often so unbearable that counseling is an absolute necessity for the individual. The counseling services that the organization provides can help tremendously.

Other in-jail services include employment training, tutoring, parenting classes, children’s services, women’s support groups, and various events such as Christmas parties. They also provide workshops for strengthening family ties for the inmates and their respective families.

The Northern California Service League also provides creative expression through poetry and prose in their inmate newsletter publications “A Rose in A Cage” and “The Can Opener.”


Newly released persons receive assessments of needs. They provide basic food and clothing assistance, temporary IDs and referrals to various civic organizations and rehabilitation programs that will help the individual move on and start their lives.

They also offer internship and employment programs to help the newly released individuals get new occupations. They may sometimes also hold special job fairs for people with criminal record.


The Northern California Service League offers other services such as transitional housing for women and children. They also hold programs to address the cause of crimes in the country.

The organization also advocates for programs and policies that meaningfully address the root causes of crime.

You can find or contact Northern California Service League at the following contact information. If you have a friend or a family member, or if you yourself are an ex-felon, try to contact them and you will surely find help!

Northern California Service League
28 Boardman Place
San Francisco, CA, 94103
United States

Phone Number- (415) 863-2323

The Northern California Service League gets some funding from various government and non-governmental organizations. You do not have to be an ex-convict to call them; you may volunteer to their cause or even donate financially to help them pursue their great cause.

Tarnishing one’s record may be the most difficult thing to handle for many. With the current stigma to people with felony conviction, ex-felons find it difficult to reintegrate back to the society. Thank goodness there are selfless organizations that help people with felony convictions return back to the community.

Wouldn’t you want to strengthen the organization? One act of kindness can go a long way in helping oppressed people. This is your chance to make the necessary changes. Join Northern California Service League in their quest to help ex-felons.


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