Protecting Trees With Bird Netting

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If you have a trouble with birds, you’ve perhaps tried numerous solutions. Some of the most common involve plastic animals, wind chimes, scarecrows, or highly reflective tape. All of such things can do a great job of bringing down bird problems. Unfortunately, the solution may only last a few months.

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Evidently, birds have an instinctive disposition to get bolder as time elapses. While a scarecrow scares them senseless, after a few months, you see them sitting on his shoulder, and munching on the fruits of your tree. Those barefaced little fiends! Don’t completely drive them out though. Designate one tree specifically for allowing birds to eat off of. But in many cases, these birds can’t be content with what they’re given. They constantly feel the need to go over other trees when there is a tree precisely for them that does not have any scary things over it.

Many gardening stores are selling a type of bird netting. It is essentially a giant net that you cast off over the whole tree. The holes are around half an inch wide. Purchase enough of this to cover one entire tree. It is quite a hassle to install, but it certainly works. You won’t have any more troubles with birds taking fruits from that tree. But it does have its drawbacks. Birds can get caught in the netting that they choked to death. Surely you wouldn’t want to protect your tree at the cost of the birds’ life!

There is however a better alternative to the netting material to be used. Almost every fabric store sells a material called “tulle”. It is a really fine netting having holes too small for any bird to fit its beak or head into. Although it is easy to find, it is likewise exceedingly cheap. Buying enough to cover one tree could end up costing less than half of what it can cost for the lethal bird netting.

It could be a lot harder to install than the bird netting. You have to attach several large pieces together at the seams. Tulle is a much safer and cheaper alternate to bird netting, and it is highly recommended if you have any troubles with birds. Just keep in mind to let them have at the least one tree for themselves! Partaking with birds is an indispensable part of being a fine gardener.


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