What I Think Life is to be Like

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I am under my fathers small young growing forest————I wonder what he intends, maybe its a zoo he wants to nature, that would be weirdly near our house, though he tells us  we are the beneficiaries of those trees but my mother argues that they will mature sometime when they are in the retiring age and will all be sold to Kinara wherever that is.Anywayz, as i continue walking I come a cross this ——– of mine and I barely  remember it.Then I reflect to my past life and I discover that the older I grow the more my pat life diminishes out of my mind.could I even remember what drama I was composing alone or was I fantasizing aloud when my cousin kus busted me, I can ask her when I meet her next time to keep my memory to date..I also discovered that I had not left any oral traces of my life since I ‘think that’ am not good story telling and you would be damn right to say that I cant tell you what I have written as a story or literature this is the best way, could my grandchildren hate me of this? No, unless they don’t read this but yes if they are not good readers.However I came to realize that I had much to tell what I think life is all about according to me especially to the hope less and those who think beginning of failure is the end of success.Writing can be the best guide and the most important component to every human, imagine the world without the written literature,I guess I would be at the bottom of  the chain of stupidity and the most foolish creature on the soil, especially if my parents would have abandoned me to the streets, thanks to them and the discovery of writing. I dint know  writings would make no one to be someone very famous, I had a friend I don’t remember the name but remembers the nickname of  abukinasimu in my primary education who became a king of the jokes battle and could talk about all kind of funny people in his village, I later came to understand that all this was another persons work, he read books like hekaya za abunuasi Alibaba and the 40 thives and many others that I hae not yet read.

I am also prompt to write because of my younger sister who I think of and almost become overworked to fulfill my obligations because she might one day blast from no where and become an elder sister to those who don’t know us, maybe to settle I must write to widen the competition gap, though she is one person I respect and love very much.

Honestly I was not the best or near the best in my English and literature class but I always struggled to be the best, and this doesn’t prevent me from venturing into literature and writing my best and how could I show my English teacher Mr Oloo.o and Mrs Aseka that I appreciate and want to embrace there literature skills.

Life is a span not guaranteed, what if I died today people would have much to talk about me good or bad but I guess good especially about how I could do what most of them could not have done ‘driving my fathers tractor at the age of  8’ wow but that doesn’t matter at the end of the day, what matters am dead and no one knows me well, then its worthy putting me in a suck and throwing me in a lake because it is like describing a dog that helped catch your pray then at night it is left out in the cold with the pay of left overs probably bones.No one knows really knows the direction, perspective, capacity name it of my mind,maybe my statistic lecturer, when  can score 0/30  in a CAT but still manage to cover it up by working hard in the next and scoring 29/30 and still passing the unit, to this point no one still knows because its a value tending to that but not that.Well I could have as well given up but no keep fighting for success because failure is already there with us.


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