Why do People Think You Are a Christian Band?

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I hear an awful lot of bands these days being described as “Christian Bands” when the lyrics of the songs are at best, ambiguous and do not explicitly talk about Jesus Christ. They might talk about God, but then again, Earth, Wind and Fire talked about God as well. Talking about God, and talking about Christ, are two entirely different things. If you are not talking about Christ, I have to assume that you are talking about your God, whatever or whomever that may be, not the God that I serve.

A lot of people may think that is harsh. But if you are standing on what is said in the good book and you do not want to fall victim to carnality this is what you have to do. People need to put these bands on a litmus test before grabbing desperately at any and every successful band and calling them “Christian”. It isn’t enough for singers of a band to be saved; a lot of singers in the world are saved but clearly, they have no interest in talking about God or anything positive. Do the lyrics speak about Christ, specifically? If they do not are the scriptures and parables being supported in the lyrics? Are they living a Christian lifestyle, or do they just suggest that they are saved?

It angers me because there are thousands of great Christian artists that actually want people to know that they are saved and are living a life holy and upright before God that do not see the problem with being called Christians. Most of these artists are better than the secular groups that Christian culture apologists so desperately want to represent Christ. Most of them will never get any radio airplay on mainstream radio, because they won’t sell out and glorify the New Age rhetoric of this last day and age. This is one of the principal reasons that a lot of Christians are falling by the wayside. We listen to people that have a likeness of Christ, just like any Angel of Light would, we follow these people but we are not looking at their lifestyle and what they truly represent. Then when we are presented with real Christians that are saved, holy, upright and sold out to God, we do not want to have anything to do with that. They aren’t sexy enough for us, they are not worldly enough for us, they aren’t cool enough or chic enough for us.

No, instead we are more interested in being right in the eyes of the World but we could care less about being right in the eyes of God. Is God actually talking to you through these lyrics? If you feel that he is, does the feeling you get, and do the lyrics support, the scriptures found in the Bible, or is it just a good feeling? If the band does not want to be known do not push them to be something that they are not! Some of these singers have made it crystal clear that they are not Christians, or are not singing about Christ. Why would you argue with the singers and members of the band about this?

If you love God you do so openly and you do not hide behind the acceptance of the world because you are concerned that if you openly embrace Christ your record sales will fall because people out in the world will stop listening to you. Tell it exactly how it is! We have to stop compromising our morals to be part of something in the world that does not have any association with Christ. That goes beyond music, movies, books, literature, plays, the arts in general, celebrities, the list goes on these people obviously do not want to have anything to do with Christ so move on and focus your efforts on people that actually do want to be saved! If you present them with someone that is espousing a false doctrine that you cannot get away from how are they supposed to develop a relationship with Christ? They are not going to get any further than you are with the Lord!


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