Make Social Bookmarking Work For Your Online Business

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Here are some methods that you can employ to get the most benefit from social
bookmarking. Many of them focus on how to organize your information so that your
website shows up in more and more search results:

    •  When you create a blog post, make sure that the keyword phrase is as close
       to the beginning of the post as is possible. When you bookmark the post, use
       the title of the post and tag the keyword as well. This is great for search
       engine results. In fact, doing this is often termed search engine ‘bait’!

    •  Stay active on the social bookmarking website and bookmark every post. As
       mentioned before, social bookmarks are bait for the search engines, and this
       is an opportunity that is not to be wasted.

    •  Social bookmarking leads to more people reading your articles, posts etc.,
       and over time this will create additional credibility for you. It can also lead to
       repeat traffic, referrals, sales, newsletter sign ups, comments on your blogs,
       emails from readers etc. In order to make the most of the social bookmarking
       website, you need to have all these functions working for you.

    •  Interaction is your biggest and most potent weapon in social bookmarking.
        Links back to websites rely on being bookmarked and getting read. With
       advancing technology, you can add video, audio, RSS feeds etc to get more
       and more interaction on your website and eventual links back to your website.

    •  The content on your website must be good. There is no substitute for good
       quality content when it comes to generating traffic. You must ensure that you
       get quality links as well, because the links that you receive on your website
       must be from reliable sources and have to do be relevant to your content.

    •  Related to the point made earlier about having good content is the fact that
       search engine spiders are always crawling good websites. Increasingly, social
       bookmarking websites are becoming a favorite of search engines. This is
       because there is a human element to social bookmarking. People are actively
       involved in organizing and tagging their favorites. This is a strong indication
       that the web page is extremely relevant to the search, much more so than a
       simple keyword search.


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