How to Write a Good Facebook Ad

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How to Write a Good Facebook Ad

Facebook is the #2 most visited site on the website. It boasts of about half a billion users every month. It is therefore an excellent site to put an ad for your online business. Facebook is rapidly taking the top spot as an advertising goldmine. With millions of active users logging in every day, there are limitless possibilities for promotion through advertising with Facebook ads. The advertising is affordable for everyone, as well.
Depending on your goals and your budget, you can get into Facebook advertising for as little as $5 per day. Considering the fact that you can target your ads to be seen specifically by your desired market, this is an advertising steal. In order to make it really work for you, however, you need to know how to write a good Facebook ad.

The most important thing is to make sure you have an attention grabbing headline. This is the first thing people will read on the ad and will determine if they choose to read further. Since you are limited to 25 characters, you have to be really creative and get your point across quickly. There are several ways to grab the attention of ad viewers. You can make an off-the-wall statement that will get clicks out of curiosity, you can use commanding verbs, or you can ask a direct question such as “Want to be rich?” that will grab interest quickly. Although be prepared to back that up if you want the visitor to actually Like your page once they get there.

Another great feature to include when writing your Facebook ads is a bonus. This helps your ad stand out from others of its type and gives readers a tangible incentive for clicking. Give your viewers a coupon, contest entry, bonus content, or some other incentive for clicking your ad. Anything free, even if it is a video clip, is going to draw attention. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Take the time to determine your goals for the ad before you begin writing. Make sure your headline, body text, and any related bonuses are all designed with the intention of bringing your target demographic to you.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to consider:

Capitalize all the words of your heading-this is against Facebook’s policy
Write your heading in small caps
Use slang–use proper English

Lie–FB will ban you from advertising on their site should they discover that you ad is misleading or is lying

Do’s :
Tell the truth and send the reader to a real page either within Facebook or a relevant page outside of Facebook.

Write about the benefits more than the features of what you are offering.

Take your time and format your ad properly. Ensure that your grammar is correct; the ad is properly punctuated.

Add a photo, the default is to the image on your Facebook page, if you want something else just upload something pertinent to your ad. Be certain that your photo complies with Facebook’s policies.

Target your correct audience–FB allows you to choose demographics to your advantage.

Give a call to action–This is a win-win area. ‘Like our page to get X, ‘Read more’ are used to lead to get the reader to actually click on the ad.

You can also track how well your ad is doing and make edits as you advertise. Consider running two ads and split test to see which one performs better. You can continually make changes to the weaker ad to get if you can increase your click through rate. Just remember if you are advertising your Facebook page the goal is to get the viewer to “Like” your page. You want the person who clicks on your ad to take action of some sort. Track that so you can see your return on investment with your Facebook ad.


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