IF You Fail There IS Always Shopping

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This is from the Wendy Robbins’ Best-selling book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!”

Lincoln failed in business in ’31. He was defeated for the legislature in ’32. Failed again in business in ’34. Lost his love in ’35. Had a nervous breakdown in ’36. Was defeated for Congress or the Senate in ’38, ’43, ’46, ’48, ’55, and ’58. Wouldn’t you have given up? Seriously, wouldn’t you?

He didn’t and he became the President of the United States in ’60.

If you’ve had a hard time for a year, two years, four years, five years, ten years, fifteen years or more then you belong to a special VIP club of some of the most astounding success stories ever told.

If at first you don’t succeed… you can always hide the evidence that you tried. That’s what most of us do, we hide. Flaunt your “failure.” “Fail” forward fast…

Most people when asked what they want will tell you they want to be rich. When you follow the question up and ask how will you do it? Ninety eight people out of one hundred don’t have a clue. Or worse they know how but don’t act on what they know.

QUESTION: Which is worse ignorance or apathy?
ANSWER: I don’t know and I don’t care.

A lot of us resemble that last remark. We can’t even decide what we’re going to eat for dinner. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

Once you know then you must develop your persistence. “No” is simply a step away from “Yes.”

1. Have a definite purpose, a burning desire for fulfillment and keep going till you get it.

2. Have a definite plan you implement with continuous action that works based on results.

3. Negative thoughts don’t need to be real – Positive is equally possible.

4. Mastermind with those who hold you accountable to follow through with a plan and purpose.

5. Sit on a porcupine’s back and know what it’s like to get pain stuck to you.

These first four things must be practiced so often that they become your habit like brushing your hair, teeth, or brushing off negativity.

Remember the lesson found in ham and eggs. A day’s work for a chicken. A lifetime for a pig. I am a long time vegetarian and was talking to a friend who said if we are not supposed to eat animals – why are they made of meat?

Master overcoming fear, discouragement, indifference, envy, jealousy, anger, past stories, regret, cynicism, rejection, abandonment issues and being resigned.

To thine own self be true… and if that fails there is always shopping.


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