Envy No One

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“Envy – a painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another, joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.” -Merriam Webster dictionary. We all at one time or another have had to fight the tendency to Envy others. There are many different ways and or situations that we can start to be envious of others.

 A person may seem to have more freedoms, more time, a better home or car, better vacation experiences, more money, nicer or more loving spouse, or greater abilities and talents. The list goes on and on in the areas of why we may envy someone.

To be envious of others though can rob one of their own happiness. It is important that we guard ourselves against this trait. Envying others can cause us to feel bad about our current situation in life. That in turn may make us feel like our life isn’t good enough. When in honesty our current situation may not be all that bad.

When I was younger I didn’t really think to much about another persons’ lifestyle to envy them. As I get older I feel it’s more of a struggle to not envy others. The reason for this is because we are all bombarded by the media with it’s influence on new and better things.

As we get older many people feel we are suppose to have a well paying career, own a home, drive a new car, and buy our children the latest accessories. There are somethings we can do to fight against being envious of others. One thing we can do is reflect positively on what we have that is truly valueable. The most valueable things in life are those that money really can’t buy. We have our life, our family and friends, and our time.

Another thing we can do is spend quality time with those whose thoughts and values are similar to our own. When you have genuine friends who aren’t always concerned with what a person has or doesn’t have it’s an encouragement. Your friendship will be refreshing to both parties.

You may not have the fanciest house on the block. You may not own the newest car. You probably don’t take a lot of vacations. Whether these things are true or false in your case remember to value what’s truly important. Do not be envious of others and you can find and maintain your own happiness in your life.


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