Marriage :need ur Attention

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Relationships are those entities which makes our life more meaningful and beautiful … The bond which makes us to understand how human behavior is different and unique from other living souls……. and among all Marriage such a beautiful companionship which makes you understand the real meaning of sharing, caring and loving someone more from within. Now the question arises that “how such a lovely institution lead to  separation and divorce”. Seeing the current scenario and the trend … it is certainly very easy to predict that the word “marriage” becomes a heavy burden for this young generation….and certainly without understanding the real consequence of it…..The foundation of a responsible and powerful world starts from the family values and that evolves from a good companionship.

“The existence of anything is justifies by its purpose…. and similar proposition can be drawn from the very word marriage.”

The purpose of this institution does not  limit itself to two people as it is influenced by many. The purpose of this companionship is to embark those special and best qualities of two souls which will make this world a better place to live in. The reason and meaning of this kinship is so simple and beautiful but certainly we forgot to  understand the significance of the same  because  of  our ego, indifferences and hate. No marriage is good or bad until you have met the right person with whom you would like to communicate, share and love ….. The joy of sharing your life with someone would only be justified if it is truly lived as an individual as well as together and shared with wisdom and warmness.

In this world of competition and race.. the value and worth of any relationship is somewhere lost. After so much of advancement in technology, inventions and machines …… the advancement in relationships are left far behind….. To improve our life and to make it really beautiful we need to understand the real meaning of each relationship and shall make every effort to sustain it. Options to get the best and leave the one who is with us is very easy. But it takes genuine effort and sincerity from each of us to make that relationship works. The foundation and mother of all human relationship is  “MARRIAGE”. It comes with a great responsibility  and wisdom. Take that almost care from your heart, space and soul to find that somebody with whom you can create a new and positive  world. Reciprocate this gift to the coming generations who will see a better world from their home itself


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