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The Internet has become a tough place. Not only is it full of bright young kids who grew up with it and who instinctively and intuitively understand it,

the big boys have moved in. People have learnt that virtual real estate is going to be the 21st-century goldmine.

So when an average business owner decides to enter the digital marketplace, they are often left bewildered at what they need to do. They pick up a guide

perhaps from their local store on how to set up a website and follow it. The results? Zippo.

As a result, many people are now looking for online marketing solutions that will tell them how to solve the basic problems of marketing on the Internet:

how to get your website found and how to convert traffic.

The sad reality is for people seeking online marketing solutions that their websites are often doomed from the start. Often set up by well-meaning

amateurs or expensive design companies, they are often constructed without understanding the requirements that the search engines have for finding and

ranking website content.

They do not understand that websites have to be fit for purpose. A website in a certain niche may need to be constructed differently and appeal

differently to other niches. They do not understand that the website must be built in a specific way in order for the search engines to find that content.
The reality is that an online marketing solution must take into account all aspects of their website. This includes the actual keywords the website is

constructed around, the use of graphics and video, the accessibility of the content to users who may wish to consume that content in different formats, the

actual construction of the website itself, and most importantly, which websites externally point back to the business owners website and how they do that. In

other words, an online marketing solution must be holistic to the entirety of that website.

It’s like a normal business consultant. A business consultant may tell you to change your pricing structures or your sales structures in a bricks and

mortar store, but if you are selling products that no one wishes to buy, then you can have the most refined and subtle pricing policy, no one will buy. If

your store is incredibly ugly and repels your customers, people will not come in, regardless of how good your products and services might be. If no one can

find your bricks and mortar store because you have built it in the middle of nowhere and you have no effective advertising, then you may have the best store

in the entire world but if no one comes in, you will make no money. It’s the same for the Internet.

Many people seeking an online marketing solution eventually go to online marketing consultants. That’s because an effective online marketing consultant

will know all the answers to the above problems. They will know how to construct a site, what keywords to choose to construct that site upon, how to set up

the website and install the graphics and how to build back links and buy traffic. Whatever online marketing solution you choose, ensure however that it is

holistic and is looking at not just how your website is constructed but your websites overall purpose and how your website generates traffic and therefore



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