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And the beginning of the 21st century, it was quite easy to prosper with websites. You build a site around a popular key phrase or one you thought people

liked, put some content up and that was that. The competition was so slight that very often Google have little choice but to display your website. Things

have changed.

When thinking about whether or not you need an online marketing consulting solution to your website succeeding, it is worth bearing in mind several

things. First, the sheer complexity of what is now involved in creating and making your website successful is often beyond the reach of the casual website

creator or the harassed business owner.

The reason for this is simple. The competition now is so extreme for many key phrases in Google that a lot of work needs to be done to get your site even

noticed by Google, let alone having your site picked up. For many people, they are put off at the potential costs of looking for online marketing consulting

solutions. This can be a false economy.

For some people, Google visitors are not important to their website. It does not matter to them whether or not a random user of Google will find their

content. This is because they use their website as essentially a brochure, something on a business card that allows a prospective customer who has, for

instance, been into a shop, to look up the full range to see what is available.

Most businesses however are not like this. Most businesses do not use a bricks and mortar store to drive traffic to a website but vice versa, using the

website to drive business either to their online business or their bricks and mortar store.
For this latter category of person, the large majority of businesses, to try and optimise a website without engaging in any online marketing consulting is

almost certainly doomed to fail.

Not only must they website be optimised correctly, it must be set up to appeal to its audience. It must have exactly the right level of aesthetics to

appeal and not repel its target audience. This could be either a sophisticated website or a rather amateurish one. It all depends.

The website must have attractively written content, consumable in different ways. But most importantly, the website must be constructed in a certain way

that Google understands what a website is about. In doing this, the website must be constructed around key phrases people actually search for. In order to do

this, often consultants have access to expensive tools which provide the answers to this that are not readily available from free tools.
Key to having a website picked up by Google is the question of the number of websites in the Internet that point back to it. These are called back links.

Often, this can be done manually but the value of many Internet marketing consultants is that they have access to very expensive and difficult to use tools

that in real terms however murder the competition who do these things by hand.

When thinking about engaging the services of an online marketing consultant, it is worth asking yourself this question. Can I afford not to have one?


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