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Nordic Industries is the best place to buy a fence in Saskatoon.

Whether you are looking to keep your children and pets in or desire a little more privacy in your backyard, a new fence is the answer. Fence prices vary as much as the quality of installation from company to company, so it is important to find a retailer that you can trust. Nordic Industries has been the preferred place to buy fences in Saskatoon for years, and for good reason.

Nordic Industries opened their doors over 30 years ago with the vision of being the premier fence retailer in Saskatoon. Today they are the largest fencing manufacturer in Saskatoon, and offer a complete list of fence options for your next project. Whether you are on a strict budget or demand the best, Nordic Industries has the right products for you. Their installation team is comprised of the finest craftsmen in the industry, and they work with you every step of the way. Contact them today and see for yourself why they have been given the Consumer Choice Award for best fences in Saskatoon.

Since 1987, the Consumer Choice Awards have learned the opinions, perceptions and expectations of thousands of businesses and consumers each year through statistically accurate market research. The process has been distilled over the years using third party research firms to identify the finest examples of business excellence in an ever-growing list of categories, like best fencing in Saskatoon. All research is handled today by Leger Marketing, the leader among independent market researchers. They are a Canadian-owned company that is also a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

Without the presence of any extreme bias from either side, the award is able to accurately depict the opinions of each marketplace. The Consumer Choice Awards steer clear of third party influences from industry experts and advocate groups to find only the finest companies locally. Quality controls also include allowing only one vote per person and leaving all data in the expert hands of the independent research firm.

The unique process follows specific guidelines when surveying each city to learn which companies are the local favorites. Businesses that make the cut are then put to a majority vote that singles out each winner, just as Nordic Industries won for best fences in Saskatoon. Winning is far from easy, as there is a great deal of competition between local businesses to be named the winner in their industry. These companies feel the positive effects of the shift of focus to customer service caused by the awards in the form of increased sales and exposure. Each community benefits from the award by having a place to share their thoughts and perceptions while at the same time recognizing retailers that provide the highest level of service locally. The Consumer Choice Award for best fences in Saskatoon goes to Nordic Industries.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for continuing to promote business excellence in cities across North America, and thank you Nordic Industries for offering the best fencing in Saskatoon. To speak with a courteous service representative, call (306) 653-3663.


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