Raagi – a Wonder Grain

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Now a days most of the health and diet experts may be asking you to include wholegrains to your diet Raagi may sound new but not for many as it has been used extensively in many parts of india especially south.some of the other names of raagi are Nachni or Finger millets.

Full of nutrients for you as well as your family.

Nutritive value of Raagi per 100gms

Protien 7.3gms

Fat 1.3 gms

Carbohydrates 72 gms                                                                              

Minerals 2.7 gms

Calcium 3.44gms

Fibre 3.6 gms

Energy 328 kca

Raagi is a wholegrain.works well with the vegetarians.sodium free anf low fat so actually can be looked forward by the weight loss aspirants.Its recommended for the diabetic patients also who do have to face lots of boundations and check for opting their food.Raagi is rich in thiamin. thiamin (vitamin B1) whose defeiciency causes bery bery. and is a great source of fibre and iron and because of it it forms to be a very suitable food for infants who have recently begun their solid food intake.Raagi can be sprouted and converted into flour for extra nutritional value addition as we all know that sprouts are more good than the normal grain used.

Raagi flour can be in any consistency as your dish requires.It can be soaked and converted into paste to make pancakes chillas or cutlets by adding other vegetables to it.For infants a Porridge can be made out of a fine flour of raagi and salt or jaggery or sugar can be added as per your kids choice.

Raagi flour can be added to our regular flour for making chapaties or pancakes.We can be really innovative with its use.The basic thought is to include this wonder grain in your diet so as to make your living healthy in a very effortless way and the benefits are just countless.Raagi can be our new generationwhole grain which has lots n lots of benefits and especially if we are able to develop intake habbit of it in our kids its going to be really helpfull for them right from infancy and as all parents want their kids to be healthy it can be a good start for them in this process.


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