Steps to Maximize Profits by Wendy Robins

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Steps To Maximize Profits by Wendy Robins

My easy to follow, step-by-step beliefs showing you exactly how to succeed with maximum profits and minimal effort!

These are a few points from Wendy Robbins’ book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!”

There are reasons why people typically don’t succeed. Here they are:

1. Weakness of desire, not acting on what you know you need to. If you resemble this remark then you need to focus on your desire. What do you want? Why do you want it? It takes determination and constant action to achieve what you desire. Examine your beliefs around “success and failure” Check in with what’s under your procrastination, usually it’s a fear that can be dissolved.

2. Willingness or eagerness to quit quickly at the fist sign of defeat and fear. This is a fear of failure or success at work too. Again you need a solid, passionate desire and view any obstacles as part of a game so you stop being so serious. The only one who can stop you is you and believing other opinions rather then trusting your own.

3. Lack of Organized plans in writing – less then 3% write their goals down. So time to join the 3% club, right? Here is what you want to do. Write down 100 outrageous, touching, inspirational goals the will create an awe inspiring, gasp worthy life. You want to write what you will do, by when, why or what will you give back to have what you want.

4. The habit of neglecting to move on ideas or opportunities when they are available so they disappear. You need to become an action figure. Always take immediate and consistent action and monitor your results. What are you waiting for. Remember the phrase, “If it’s to be it’s up to me!”

5. Wishing and trying instead of willing, intending and committing. Try to pick up a piece of paper. Don’t pick it up. Just try to. No don’t pick it up, just try to. See, trying will never be enough. You need to commit and intend – it’s 100% of your success game. Notice your vocabulary – are you saying weak things like, “I’ll try.” It gives you a back door, a way out, doesn’t it? Own your power and use the words, “commit,” and “Intend.” People will start believing you – most important you will believe you. Your word is law.

6. Compromising or accepting poverty instead of going for riches. How interesting is that to you? How’s it working out? Examine your beliefs about money. Why fight for your limitations? You are one thought away from being rich, right?

7. Get rich quick schemes, trying to get something for nothing, bouncing from idea to idea thinking the grass is always greener somewhere else. Water your own grass! Stick with one idea, see it through, go deep, succeed and master it and then once you have an automated system or others to run it or you sell your creation then and only then can you move onto something else. I understand about wanting to be rich without doing anything – but it doesn’t work that way.

8. Fear of criticism, not creating plans and putting them into action for fear of what someone will think or say about you. Don’t let other’s stop you. Broke people usually have an opinion about everything and they’re very intentional with being boisterous about their thoughts. If you listen, you will become like them. Do you like where s/he is in life? If you believe what they say, “You can’t succeed.” They will be right.

9. Wanting a meaningful, overnight relationship.. ;0) I just threw that in there, but hey I do know people who bounce around thinking others can make them happy and forgetting to show up and do the deep inner work.

Explore these ideas and check in to see if they hold truth for you. Are you stopping just short of your potential because of any of these reasons? It’s a short life my friends. Overcome these outdated, limiting beliefs. I teach you how in my book. Check it out below. It’s time for you to do what you need to now. Succeed regardless of what anyone thinks. All excuses seem valid. Your ideas need you to believe in them to be birthed. It’s time.


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