Los Alamos Nuclear Facility-Under Wildfire Danger!

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Caught in The Middle

Caught in The Middle

Source: krqe news

Nature against Man, who wins?

June 30, 2011

Last night there was optimism that we would make some headway today but the winds have whipped up once again. The fire is still growing uncontained and getting closer to the Los Alamos National Lab where 30,000 barrels containing radioactive waste sit out in the open with only a fabric tent covering. It is exhausting, daunting and very, very dangerous but the firefighters must continue the fight from the ground and from the air. Fire and wind but what is most important is missing here in New Mexico, rain. This fire is now the country’s first priority fire and the biggest fire in the history of the State of New Mexico. This Southwestern part of the country is beyond dry and parched and the drought has no end in sight. We need rain and we pray for rain but it seems all we get is silence and more heat, more wind and more FIRES.

Los Alamos is not new to the threat of fire danger at it’s door. Back in 2000 the Cerro Grande fire destroyed the homes of at least 100 families and did quite alot of damage to the infrastructure. Fuel from that fire has been sitting dormant and now this fire is being fanned by strong winds and threatening to once again sweep through but this time we have a bigger risk and that is “nuclear waste.” Authorities keep reassuring us that they are prepared and there is no need to worry, it reminds me of those movies where the town leaders don’t want to send a panic through the residents and start a mad rush for the hills but in this case the hills are on fire.

Isn’t it time that we wake up and demand a serious effort in developing alternative sources of energy that won’t include bio-fuels or nuclear radiation? We have turned our planet into a waste dump for nuclear waste while we sit idly by watching entertainment television while eating our toxic snacks, laughing at toxic humor, drinking our toxic beverages and filling our lungs with toxic smoke. We call that “happy ever after?” We have lost the true idea of what happy is, we have been led while following willingly down a road away from the happy world back in the day. Rich folks buy “happy” with their dream vacations to far-away places enjoying pristine wilderness and sceneries that boggle the imagination. They trek the lands which haven’t been trekked before while the only “happy” we know is trekking the Corporate Markets spending our hard earned money on over processed, chemical induced foodstuffs we purchase at their markets.

We have nuclear waste here in New Mexico but nuclear waste is not our biggest problem, we have something worse to worry about. Ignorance; Ignorance about the state of risk namely the radioactive nuclear waste dotting the landscape all over America, the bad food allowed to invade our markets from GMO’s, which we are not imformed about, you can credit Monsanto and our leaders for that. The water in plastic bottles that we relish and enjoy which is laden with hexane a petroleum based chemical and other carcinogenic by products, you can thank Coca-Cola for that and other beverage companies, The toxic emissions being released by big industrial giant corporations which quietly and insidiously threaten the eco-system and poison the air we breath, you can thank the congress for that for refusing to pass stiffer regulations that would force these giant industries to reduce their emissions. Yes, maybe nature is trying to do something that we won’t do and that is stop the destruction by humans who through silence condone the pillaging and ruination of our planet.

UPDATE: JULY 3RD, 2011– The Las Conchas fire near Los Alamos National Nuclear Facility has moved north it is a little over 4% contained. The fire has traveled unto the Santa Clara Pueblo lands and has destroyed Sacred Native American Sites. The fire has also taken the very critical watershed which provides water for the Native Americans in the area.

By the way I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! We won’t be lighting fireworks at my house this year as many New Mexicans we will watch the fireworks put on by the city and that’s it.


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