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Flaman Rentals is the best place to rent agricultural equipment in Saskatoon.

Whether you are looking for a hopper or grain bagger to speed up your operations or need an industrial strength tiller to manage your fields, Flaman Rentals has the equipment and services you need to save time and money. Their experience and care for the customer is what makes them the best place for rental equipment in Saskatoon.

Flaman Rentals understands the unique needs of the agricultural industry, and has worked diligently over the years to find the best equipment available to get the job done. When you find yourself in need of a piece of equipment for your next project, speak with one of the knowledgeable staff at Flaman Rentals to find new and exciting solutions for your needs. Their complete list of equipment, amazing prices and top notch customer service have earned them the title of best equipment rental dealer in Saskatoon and a Consumer Choice Award.

Every year since 1987, the Consumer Choice Awards have used statistically accurate market research to gather the expectations, perceptions and opinions from thousands of consumers and businesses. Over the years the process has been modified to a level of perfection, utilizing third party research firms to learn which retailers are considered the leaders in their business category, such as the best equipment rental dealer in Saskatoon. The awards use the services of Leger Marketing today for all surveying. Leger Marketing is a leader in its industry, Canadian-owned and also a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

Without the presence of any extreme biases, the awards are able to correctly represent the opinions of each marketplace. In order to recognize only the finest companies in each industry, the Consumer Choice Awards avoid any third party influences from unethical business practices, industry insiders and advocate groups. For further assurance of data quality, they also allow each person only one vote and the third party research firm alone is entrusted with all results.

The unique process must follow a specific set of criteria when surveying each community to find out which companies are the local favorites. The companies that are most mentioned in the surveys are compiled and put to a majority vote to determine the winners, as a result Flaman Rentals has been named the best place for equipment rental in Saskatoon. Being named a recipient is extremely difficult due to the massive amount of competition between local stores to be chosen as the next winner in their category. Companies immediately feel the effects from the award shifting the priority to exceptional customer service in the form of an increase in business and customers. The award is also of service to each community by providing a platform for consumers to voice their perceptions and experiences while at the same time rewarding local shops that strive for customer satisfaction. Flaman Rentals has been named the Consumer Choice Award winner as the best agricultural equipment rental store in Saskatoon.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for giving hard working local stores the recognition they deserve, and thank you Flaman Rentals for being the best equipment rental store in Saskatoon. To speak with a courteous service representative, call (888) 435-2626.


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