"slim Fast" Diet

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Slim Fast products, required to follow the diet, are no longer available in some countries like France and Belgium, due to a turnover that appeared to have followed a slimming cure. The products remain very popular in many other parts of the world. The purpose of the plan is to lose weight to the person who applied and remains thin due to Slim-Fast meal replacements and a balanced diet, and exercise. The company offers products that are substitutes for meals with few calories and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

The Slim Fast diet was designed to be easy to follow and not binding. It was widely advertised and publicized and used as the voice of the stars who have greatly contributed to its popularity. The principle of the regime is indeed what is most simple: it proposes to make a milkshake in the morning and noon, and that’s it. Just avoid to exceed 1400 calories per day. Avoiding fats, it may nevertheless afford a varied menu of dishes without depriving you love. Even the snack is permitted to the extent that it does not create an excess of calories.

In one week Slim Fast diet, we happen to lose 500 grams to a kilo, which is not excessive but is still preferable to the radical weight loss plans, which often involves strict a serious lack of energy. The person who follows the rules and adopt the recommendation to exercise more, of course, lose more weight and maintain the line when the diet is over. She can count on a variety of products that go beyond the sachets of powder diluted in milk. There are, for example, chocolate Slim Fast bars, muffin or banana cream Slim Fast.

The main disadvantage of the Slim Fast diet is that you can always replace the real food with food substitutes. The failure to strictly monitor his diet can lead to imbalances and deficiencies in the long run. Some people take the same weight during the regime and would be forced to completely change their menu. It would not be proven that the Slim Fast products adequately complement the diet of the person who wants to lose weight.

Another disadvantage of the plan is the cost of products. They are quite expensive and therefore, despite the fact that the system is simple, the Slim Fast diet is not suitable for all budgets.


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