Defrost Your Freezer

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Defrosting your freezer has to be done from time to time. For many households buying food on sale and in family packs, to save money, and freeze is essential to survive. In addition, more families are starting gardens for the same reason. Come on, it’s not that hard to prepare for this gardening season, defrost your freezer.

Things needed:

  • Upright or chest freezer

  • Gloves

  • Knife or chiseling tool

  • Heat gun

  • Bucket for ice chunks

  1. Start by the night before turning the freezer off. It won’t hurt anything but it will make it easier to defrost. *** I put freshly pressed tomato juice in ours the night I turned it off and it was frozen the next morning. Trust me it won’t hurt!

  2. The next morning as you go to your freezer, start by gathering the things you will need to do this chilly task.

  3. I started the night before by taking a big screwdriver we had in the garage where our upright freezer is. I couldn’t close the door as there was so much ice built up. Returning the next day, I grabbed the big knife to start chiseling away at the ice. I really don’t like this idea cause if you hit the wrong thing you could damage something. However, the ice was thick so that’s where I started.

  4. I didn’t want my hands to get cold even though it was a warm day so I took out a tool to help scrape the ice off the racks. If you have gloves on you can use your hands. Use what is convenient for you.

  5. I had that ah ha moment. It took a little while to accomplish but much easier and safer. After all, freezers are not cheap and I need mine for all the garden vegetables we have it and need to put in it.
  6. After the big chucks of ice start coming loose, throw them in a bucket. You’ll be amazed what you will have.

  7. Use you heat gun again to remove the ice build up in that freezer. After all, you aren’t going to save money if your freezer is not working properly. It will cost you extra electricity to run. Keep going I know you can do it

  8. Keep throwing those ice chucks in the bucket.

  9. Don’t forget to turn your freezer back on! This could be a big mistake :0(

  10. There you have it, a clean freezer efficient running, money saving freezer. Fill it with all those garden vegetables.


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