How to Choose a Topic or Get Any Idea to Write an Article About It?

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How to choose a topic or get any idea to write an article about it?

Ah, writer’s block. Horrible thing! In this situation, I’d ask myself a couple of questions.

Are you trying to write something for pleasure or money? If it’s for pleasure, just write about whatever interests you – something you saw today, something you thought, an opinion on something in the news… anything’s good. If it’s for money, look at what people are talking about (Google’s list of searches for the day or week can really help here) or the latest fad in technology, sport, auto, tv etc. Anything that’ll get searched for can be an earner. 

Are you writing on a specific topic site? If so, try to think of a new popular angle on the subject: for example, if you were covering traffic generation you could think of a short list of 5 funny ways to improve visibility – I did this on my blog and it’s still one of the most popular posts. 

You can also do a Google search for “Writer’s block” – there are loads of sites that offer suggestions for creative ideas.

Life can have a surprising amount of inspiration when you really think about it. There are often times when I just look out the window or maybe at something on my room. The thought process from there it really can be strange. Often times, I get to the end article with no real rhyme or reason. Still there are times where I have ideas in my head, where I write down many bits and pieces throughout many days. Eventually, I might spin my random mutterings into an article that is coherent. 

Also there are times where I see something on television, something that I really enjoy. Therefore it would be worthy of something to write about. Regardless of the fact, there is a lot of inspiration. Often times, it just can’t be forced, but there are times where there is the opposite problem, there can be a few too many ideas flowing. Just have a look around and see what you can do with the inspiration you get.


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